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Tate Iwamaru
Bio Information Age: 21
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Maru is well built for his age, his body rippling with well-defined muscle due to his secret training. His strong physique matches his equally rugged features and is off-set by his fair skin, a fairly square framing simple, brown hair and piercing emerald eyes. Maru's body is not without blemish, however, a smattering of small scars on various parts of his body as a result of his vigilante work and some training exercises going awry.
Clothing/Accessories: In normal life, Maru wears a variety of clothes, anything appropriate to fit the occasion. Most commonly, he'll be found either in a grey jogging suit with red trimming and accents with tennis shoes or jeans and a plaid flannel of some color, usually green.

When performing his work as a vigilante, Maru's clothes retain a simplistic purpose. He dons a thick, green jacket with a black muscle shirt, gloves, durable brown trousers, and combat boots . He wears a utility belt containing a variety of tools. Hooked to the back of his utility belt and hidden
Personality: Maru is a fairly reserved individual, a character of quiet, calm strength and a powerful will. He's the kind of person to seek a peaceful resolution first before engaging in violence, and his first instinct is to sacrifice self for the sake of others. This can and has been used against him on a number of occasions, both in secular and his vigilante work, and it is a character trait he is not blind or ignorant to. Rather, he steels himself to the consequences of that quality being manipulated because he knows the kind of person he wants to be. The discrimination that Maru has faced also makes him more empathetic toward those who are disadvantaged by society, and despite his work in construction paying fair wages, he lives simply so that he can use his finances toward helping wayward criminals that seek redemption get a fresh start.

As a side note, Maru is extremely careful with using any of the more complex powers granted to him by his Quirk, making absolutely certain
Combat Information Rank: C-Rank Vigilante
Type of Quirk: Emitter
Son of Gaia is a quirk that, ostensibly, allows Maru to control earth and metal with (Quirk) meters of his location with (Quirk) Strength and Speed, and such is reflected in his official records. However, through persistent study and private training, Maru has come to understand that his quirk actually grants him control over any material which contains carbon within that range. This can be used to a variety of effects, from something as simple as performing terrakinesis, or freely moving earth with his Quirk, to something more complex, such as gathering stray carbon particles in the air to either form small weapons and items or even reinforce other items with carbon. This Quirk cannot manipulate the carbon in living organisms, such as plants or people, in its unawakened state.
Awakening State
This Quirk has not yet been awakened.
Stats (35/100)
  • Strength: 7
  • Speed: 5
  • Endurance: 7
  • Perception: 8
  • Quirk: 8

Support Equipment:
  • (1) Taotie Jian (Chinese Long Sword) - A longer, sturdier variant of a traditional Jian, this double-edged weapon measures approximately 40" in length. The blade measures 29" in length, with the handle and guard measuring 11" in length. The handle is wrapped in brown leather and has a pommel to serve as a counterweight.
  • (2) Lengths of chain, each measuring 8 meters in length, kept in a covered harness on his back beneath his jacket. Each chain has a spearpoint and sharpened hook blade on the ends.
  • (1) Length of steel wire, measuring two meters in length, most often used for detaining criminals.
  • (5) Steel Throwing Knives, each blade 8" in length and 1" in width.
Super Moves
Channeling his Quirk into his fist or foot and striking a surface, Maru combines both his physical Strength and his Quirk into an area of effect attack. Gaia Crusher causes the surface to burst forth into a cone with (Quirk + Strength) Speed and Strength. The range of this Supermove follows the same range of his Quirk.
Had I been born under different circumstances, if my parentage had been more blessed, I likely would have been well on my way to becoming a hero already. Yet, even in a hero society as progressive as Japan's, there are still imperfections. There are still pockets where old traditions, and old prejudices, fester and infect those around it. This is a lesson that I have learned firsthand. I was born in the Kansai region as an only child to two loving parents who descended from a class of people known as Burakumin, and my childhood was relatively normal. Though they were subject to discrimination in a variety of ways, my parents shielded from those bad influences, hoping that, if they worked hard enough, they might get me enrolled in a school outside of the area. I've always had a intense curiosity about others and a desire to help those who can't help themselves. Despite their knowledge of his heritage, I had the good fortune of having teachers who did not pay my bloodline any mind. To them, I was just another child, and upon the manifestation of my quirk, they started to encourage him to take the path of the hero. They helped inspire that dream in me, a dream I still hold onto.

That pretty picture of how I was going to get there, however, abruptly ended when I began applying to hero schools. Wanting to stay close to my parents due to their financial situation, I applied to every reputable hero school in the Kansai region. I knew that I have a strong quirk, and I knew I had the strength, skill, and drive necessary to excel in hero work. My teachers even provided letters of recommendation and above average performance scores on practical exams involving my quirk. Despite this, every school was the same: they cleanly rejected my application and provided no substantive reasons for why I failed to qualify. So, I applied again, over and over, even asking to discuss the reasons in person. What was when I found out. It was at one such meeting, dressed in the best suit I had, that I finally saw the ugly side of my heritage... and the reason for the schools' refusal to admit me. In no uncertain terms, it was made clear that those who were Burakumin were not welcome in polite society. The vicious contempt and superiority with which the school adminstrators treated me... it took all I had to not break down right in front of them. That was a night filled with tears. As they consoled me, my parents bitterly explained the hand our family was dealt. They told me the history of the Burakumin, our class's assumed association with the Yakuza and organized crime, and the discrimination that they had tried to protect me from. They had hoped, in vain, that I might escape their fate, and they urged me to apply to schools outside of the region. I was skeptical, but they assured me that outside of Kansai, I would find those who didn't care about our bloodline.

But I couldn't do it. I couldn't bring himself to leave my parents behind. I knew that they still needed my help. As much as I want to be a hero, I have a responsibility to care for them, just like they did me. My father and mother don't have the physical gifts I have. I needed to help them however I could. So, I went into construction instead to begin working as soon as I could and support my parents, who could only get low-paying jobs in Kansai. Still, that doesn't mean I've given up on my dream of becoming a hero. I have a small apartment and I live simply. I train my body and my quirk on my own, most often in warehouses in an abandoned manufacturing compound not too far from where I live, and I purchase my own study materials so that I don't fall behind where I'd be in hero school, at least not with my education. At night, I take to the streets of Kansai, discreetly stopping crimes before the heroes show up. It pains me knowing they see me as a threat as well, but with time, I'll prove that I can be a force for good.

This wasn't the path I was expecting to take to becoming a hero. But I will not be deterred. I am no criminal. I will become a hero in his own right, no matter what it takes.
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