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MASK Nakajima, Hayate
Bio Information Age: 15
Height: 170 CM
Weight: 70KG
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Built with a commanding stature and presence, Hayate is one of the taller boys in the first year class at Shiketsu High School. His dark-beige skin is rough from martial arts training and tattered with scars. His light green eyes and compliment his handsome and symmetrical face which is framed by his jaw-length hair and bangs that fall gently upon his face.
Clothing/Accessories: As far as attire goes, Hayate hails from Kyoto and is the child of a former shrine priestess and the president of a traditional textiles manufacturer. As such, Hayate tends to wear a fusion of modern and traditional clothing. In the oppressive Japanese summer heat, when not in school uniform Hayate usually wears a jinbei and wooden slippers or some sort of "modern japanese fashion". Even in casual settings he tends to keep a small furoshiki cloth bag on his persons that contains a few masks which he selects each morning.

His hero costume takes cues from various parts of Japanese culture. Starting with a black jinbei, his legs and arms wrapped in a protective fabric that is element-proofed. On his feet he wears a pair of black tabi and on his forearms a pair of black guards. Both use a black rubber-lick material with white resin plates on them to provide additional guard when blocking or striking. Gold rope belts are worn like bandoliers over his chest and back, various masks and tools attached to them. Topping off his look, he wears a large red, hooded Haori with a Kōjitsunagi pattern.

Over his eyes he wears a simple domino style masked.
Personality: Hayate is a generally good-hearted young man with decent values, though he can somewhat feisty. He is often described as "never one to give up a fight" or "always needing the last word". Perhaps his greatest strength is not his quirk, but his undying will to rise to any challenge that prevents itself and persevere. At the same time however, when Hayate is unchallenged he tends to be very lazy and become complacent, only really acting when a challenge is present or something that "puts the fire beneath his feet".

Hayate speaks in strong western (Kansai) dialect- and is very prideful of it.
Combat Information Rank: C-Rank (Student)

Masked Hero: Transformation Quirk wrote: No one is a hero until they put on the mask, especially Hayate. Through his quirk, "Masked Hero", whenever Hayate puts on a special mask he is able to transform his body, absorbing certain attributes from the mask. The effects of the transformation are basked on the mask. Attributes created by the quirk have a strength/speed equivalent to the quirk stat.

Since his quirk causes his form to be altered even down to his brain chemistry, transforming is taxing and causes debilitating migraines if he switches in quick succession. While he can return to human form at anytime by removing a mask, to avoid a debilitating migraine he must switch to his next mask no sooner than 30/Quirk posts.
Awakening State
Not yet awakened
Stats (39/100)
  • Strength: 9
  • Speed: 10
  • Endurance: 5
  • Perception: 5
  • Quirk: 10

Support Equipment:
- Tengu Mask - When wearing the Tengu Mask, Hayate's legs curve and his feet burst out of his boots, hardened with long talons from each toe and from his heal, resembling that of a birds feet. His fingers also grow talons and his arms also become longer and he grows feathers from them, giving him wings he can use to fly. The feathers reproduce and can be launched as sharp cutting projectiles.
- Kappa Mask - When wearing the Kappa mask, Hayate's body gains scale like armor on it and he grows gills on the side of his neck. Additionally, webs grow between his toes and fingers, allowing him to swim exceptionally well in water.
- Raijin Mask - When wearing the Raijin mask, Hayate's skin becomes red and his hair stands up as if he was shocked by lightning. His body will exude lightning energy. While he cannot control it or manipulate it, the coating of lightning acts as a pseudo-defense and offense.
Super Moves
*Insert any Supermoves your character might have or leave blank if desired*

Hayate's father Jiro was a quirkless man whose family made textiles in Kyoto for generations. His mother was a shrine priestess from Kanto and like Hayate, had the quirk "mask", however her manifestations were far to weak to ever become a hero and often times she could not maintain her transformations for long. Growing up the son of a shrine priest and Japanese textile maker in Kyoto meant Hayate was raised and steeped in Japanese tradition, including the Shinto religion. This has a lasting impact on the young man who chooses to use masks with a "japanese mythology" theme and likewise wears Japanese textiles made by his fathers company in his hero costume.

Being the son of a company president, his child hood of course was mostly smooth and despite being an average student. Since elementary school Hayate has trained in Karate, Kendo, and Kyuudou, and Judo and through his fathers resources he was able to receive a wealth of tutoring that was enough to get him offers to UA and Shiketsu High School. Deciding he wished to go to the best school in Japan, Hayate went against his parents Kansai pride and choose to attend UA in Tokyo.

Currently despite being a first-year hero, MASK is considered one of the top students of the school due to his physical capabilities, however his academic prowess seems to be lacking.
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