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Civillain Tomino, Hideo
Bio Information Picture: Image
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Any glance or even the greatest of visual quirks would find that Hideo is by all means irremarkable. Nothing about him is special- nothing stands out. He lacks the physical attributes of someone trained to be a hero or even that of a career criminal and instead looks more like a middle aged father. He is the epitome of average, from his brown hair and eyes down to his scrawny physique (75KG) and average height (173cm). Hideo also wears a pair of glasses- the most popular frame of Japan's number one glasses brand.
Clothing/Accessories: Hideo does not have any costume and is not distinguishable from any ordinary citizen. Suits, slacks, dress shirts, ties, and the normal clothes one would wear to the office is all he needs. Occasionally he will wear a long tan rain coat and a large brown hat- similar to many older men, to help mask his identity.
Personality: Hideo is a cunning and ruthless man who above all will always prioritize his wellbeing. His mind moves at an extremely rapid pace, far faster than most, often causing him withdraw into his own mindspace and ignore the world around him. While a keen eye can pick up on his deep analytical power, to the vast majority he just seems rather slow and unintelligent.

While his quirk curses him to be forever ordinary, Hideo has learned to lean into this and purposefully furthers this effect with his choice of clothing, transportation, or even actions. Through his ordinary world he is determined to create an extraordinary legacy.
Combat Information Rank: B-Rank

Ordinary World - Mutant Type wrote: Ordinary World is a mutant type quirk that is so subtle that for the majority of Hideo's life he himself was unaware he had a quirk. The physical manifestation of Ordinary World is that Hideo is unable to become physically become exceptional. He is cursed to be average in looks and no matter how hard he trains his body will always look weak and slightly emaciated. In exchange however his quirk gives him a miraculously ability to be incapable of being found guilty- in essence, it is impossible for people to ever perceive his actions as illegal, unlawful, or wrong.

Hideo can essentially kill someone, and anyone who witnesses this would be unable to fathom it was Hideo who did it, and most likely put the blame on someone else nearby. This quirk however only works on people who directly sense him. For example, if a security camera catches Hideo killing someone, his quirk has no effect in protecting his "innocence".

The effectiveness of Ordinary World is proportionate to the amount of people versus Hideo's quirk stat. This makes extremely large crowds a potential risk, and as such Hideo must be careful to control who can see him in a crowd.
Stats (0/100)
  • Strength: 5
  • Speed: 10
  • Endurance: 5
  • Perception: 15
  • Quirk: 18

Support Equipment:
- 26x Blank Business Cards (Made from a special paper that gives them extremely hardness. Their edges are also sharp like knives.)
Super Moves
*Insert any Supermoves your character might have or leave blank if desired*
"Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Tomino, it's a boy!"

I was born to good for nothing, quirk-less parents. My father, like his father before him, and his father before him were mere office workers at back-offices in banks or insurance institutions. Paper pushers. Nothing extraordinary. Even for the ordinary, more ordinary. When the advent of quirks showed up my lineage had no quirk, and so I was born into an ordinary world. It was unfortunate but at the time I accepted the lot I had been given.

As a boy I always watched the heroes and the villains. They fascinated me- but more than their stories was the fact that both parties in reality were the same. If you think about it, both used their powers. Abused their powers to make themselves something more. To make legacies. Villains directly took what they believed to be their right. Heroes, used their power to beat down on others deemed "immoral" by society in order to likewise build their legacies. Much like the animal kingdom it established a pecking order... so was nature.

It was in high school when my Ordinary World was shattered and I learned I too was part of this animal kingdom. Toshiro had bullied me since I was a kindergartner. After all, he had a quirk and I was quirkless. I never had a hero. Only a villain. In high school he still didn't relent. Toshiro's quirk was his fingers could flatten. It was an extremely weak quirk and really only suited a thief- so Toshiro was in normal high school. I think that made him more of a bully.

Toshio used his quirk to get into my locker and steal my clothes after swimming. He put them outside- when I went to get them all the girls of my class were there to... see me. Toshiro mocked me. In a fit of rage I pushed him. He hit his head so hard... blood... so much blood came out. And yet- something strange happened. When the teachers questioned everyone- then the police questioned everyone.... everyone said that they had seen Toshiro just slip while running- completely unaware I had pushed him.

It was like they had been unable to see such an act committed by me. I took my luck as perhaps a form of pity, and vengeance to the schools bully. But I soon learned it was so much more. A week later I got into a fight with my friends. I punched one in the face- the others said nothing of it. It was like I had not punched him at all. He merely looked back at me confused... then continued on as if nothing had happened. An ordinary world continued.

It was then I realized I had a quirk- a quirk that ensured an Ordinary World would continue. A quirk that would allow me to slide by easily in life, not to fulfill my ambitions, but to give me just enough to remain normal without all the sacrifices my father or others had made.

And a quirk that would let me enjoy... some of my finer urges in life.
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