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Blackjack Clarkson, Yoshitsugu
Bio Information Image Age: 46
Height: 6'2
Weight: 222lbs
Gender: Male
Physical Description: A weathered middle aged man whose hair has large streaks of grey that overwhelmingly washing out any color his hair had left. Its left in a rather mop top unkempt look. Rather than being peppered with grey its now peppered with remnants of his jet black hair that peak through at times. With a thick, strict jaw line, and a grey beard that frames his face Yoshitsugu's eyes appear with an amber glow behind them. The man stands tall, way above the average for Japan at 6'2. Yoshitsugu bears a strong resemblance to his father carrying strong American facial features which makes him look foreign even in his home country. Yoshitsugu is also a rather fit person contrary to his aging looks as his body is toned and carries large shoulders in an imposing form. On his body Yoshitsugu is covered in scars from his exploits as a pro hero that remind him the extent of danger his hero work carries.
Clothing/Accessories: Yoshitsugu typically dresses in a dark grey overcoat that drapes down to his knees. Underneath he wears a white dress shirt with no tie and the top button undone in a casual fashion. Of which are tucked into dark grey slacks matching his overcoat with a brown leather belt looped through. Then down to his brown leather oxfords that finish it off. He also has underneath a underarm pistol holster for his 1911 underneath his overcoat. This inconspicuous business attire is what he also wears while on hero duty as it allows him to get the drop on villains, and appear inconspicuous in a crowd when doing investigative work as his quirk isn't flashy or meant for elongated confrontation.
Personality: Yoshitsugu is a serious man, with a tendency to have a short irritable fuse. While he does not typically have large outbursts of anger, he can become quite short worded and solemn in his answers. Yoshitsugu is a man who maintains logicality and calmness in the most difficult situations. While his quirk isn't flashy or confrontational, he's learned to control his emotions and attempt to deduce the most probable solution using his quirk sparingly forging his "own" luck.
Combat Information Rank: B-rank (Pro-Hero)

Luck of the Draw wrote:Luck of the Draw
Luck of the Draw is a Quirk based entirely around making implausible things, or unlike situations surefire wins. When the odds are slim or against one, this quirk is certain to shore up any doubts or impossibilities. The quirk is capable of making certain events happen, and has a cool down period between each event based on the significance of the event. Making the next card Yoshitsugu draw one he desires is a small event which has a small cool down, where as making the impossible such as one in one-million events like certain death preventable through what seems like mere magic. This is the nature of his quirk.
Luck Being UsedWait Time After Usage
Small Luck (Ex. Making the next card he draws one he desires, or being right on his first guess.)30/Quirk Stat - Posts (Rounded Up)
Medium Luck (Ex. Being able to dodge an attack otherwise outside of his skill, and able to assume difficult facts correctly.)60/Quirk Stat - Posts (Rounded Up)
Tough Luck (Ex. Being able to make miraculous saving throws of skill outside of one's set, able to make improbable unlikely events to occur)120/Quirk Stat - Posts (Rounded Up)
Impossible Luck (Ex. Being able to make impossible events occur outside of one's abilities entirely, an example of such is creating a tidal wave in the calmest of waters, or making a certain death moment miss by the safest measures)150/Quirk Stat - Posts (Rounded Up)
    Awakening State
    *Insert Awakening Information if Applicable*
    Stats (55/100)
    • Strength: 10
    • Speed: 10
    • Endurance: 10
    • Perception: 10
    • Quirk: 15

    Support Equipment:
    Extendable Taser Steel Baton - 21" expanded, 7.75" closed
    Super Moves
    *Insert any Supermoves your character might have or leave blank if desired*
    Yoshitsugu was born to an American Father and Army Officer David Clarkson, and to his Japanese native mother Haruka Clarkson. Of which the two met while Clarkson was serving overseas. Yoshitsugu's childhood was rather uneventful as he traversed between America and Japan of which his father was deployed to frequently. He was disinterested in superheroes as whichever country they had stayed in, it was always among the biggest fascination among kids his age. They always wanted to be a hero as their job description. For Yoshitsugu he had simply wanted to be a military man like his father. It was a modest career, and for him despite having the joint missing in his toe he never seemed to manifest a quirk. His parents we're also quirkless pushing him further into a disinterest in the life of superheroes. It was in his teenage years he was released early to begin becoming a military man in the United States.

    Yoshitsugu rose quickly to the ranks also becoming an officer like his now father. It was during his time in boot camp that he realized he did indeed have a quirk. It was one that allowed him emanate a field of luck of which he could manipulate the results how he desired. When faced with this quirk he tested it out on the marksmanship tests from boot earning his badges from it. Despite this, he was a fairly competent Marksman himself, but purposefully missing had only confirmed what he had suspected. He was able to manipulate the outcome of events and ensure an outcome in his favor. During his military career as much as Yoshitsugu had promised himself to never use his quirk, he had used it several times, promotions, competitions, and the likes he was able to further advance his military career.

    In a fit of rage with his father discovering, Yoshitsugu was dishonorably discharged from the military. Rank stripped, never allowed to return. As serious disgrace in the eyes of his fathers which drove Yoshitsugu to retreat to Japan now as a young adult he worked office job to office job, never really progressing, he had swore to never use his quirk and found his skills in office politics lacking. It was there he was offered a chance to work as an officer within Tokyo police as he quickly discovered he had a knack for policing. It was there he was raced up the ladder becoming a detective before a colleague had suggested him to acquire a hero license so he could use his quirk as needed rather than limited to never using it. It was an opportunity for Yoshitsugu to take what he had abused and put it towards protecting the abused. A much needed catharsis for his poor behavior as a young adult. From the age of 36 to now, Yoshitsugu was a "pro-hero" in the eyes of the Japanese government, but found himself much more working with the police as "apart" of their investigative unit as his "luck" allowed him to be the sleuth to surpass all in Japan.
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