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Image Starfall Hoshikage Homura
Bio Information

My earliest memories were of my mother crying... when she wasn't completely unhinged, teetering between a fragile lucidity and emotional insanity. Go figure, I never got to meet my dad. He decided to go and get himself killed by a semi as he was rushing to the hospital the day I was born. I can't say that life growing up was completely miserable. I had enough to eat. I had clothes. I didn't have much else, but we got by. And Mom... I know she tried. She tried to be a good parent. She tried to smile. She tried to be happy. But every time I looked into her eyes, no matter how many times she denied anything was wrong, I could just tell she was broken. And her obsession with not losing me too ultimately pushed us apart.

It all culminated one night when I came home from school. I was seven. My mom had sometimes had problems with liquor, but this night was different. I wasn't about to watch her drink herself into a depression again. I called social services in secret and told her I was going for a walk. That was when I felt her hair wrap around me. She grabbed me, hard. Never once had she gotten physical like that before that night. I didn't even know her quirk was that strong, but she gripped me so hard that I could feel my bones creak, even as she yelled incoherently in my face. Something in her just snapped, like she would do anything to keep me 'safe', keep me from leaving. I never thought I'd have my first real fight with my Quirk against my own mother. When the police arrived with social services, our apartment looked like a war zone.

It was only after I was taken to the orphanage that I really got to experience true stability. Ms. Mayuri is strict, but she's very kind. She helps over twenty kids like me and gets very little money, but she's truly happy, and she treats each of us like we're her own children. I don't know if I should feel grateful that I have someone who actually acts like a mother to me... or if I should be ashamed that I find it hard to miss my real mother. All I know is that I have to make use of this scholarship that I was offered from UA. I was fortunate enough to be born with a strong quirk, and I'm gonna become a great hero and help Ms. Mayuri and the others at the orphanage.

My story doesn't have a happy beginning. Even so, it's the rest of that story that's mine for the choosing. And I choose to be better.

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Homura, while not physically mighty, is still pretty fit, his physique rippling with lightly toned muscles. Standing somewhat short at 5'4", he has fairly broad shoulders and fair skin. His hair is mostly dark with fading green highlights, a visual expression of his quirk. His eye color also changed to an orange-gold hue, not much unlike the color of the surface of the sun. Other than these traits, he has no obvious visible traits that signal the nature of his quirk to others.
Clothing/Accessories: Homura's school uniform is the standard UA school uniform.

When out of school, Homura prefers a pretty relaxed style of dress, sporting jeans, tennis shoes, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. He normally enjoys darker framing colors, such as blues and violets, around brighter central colors, his t-shirt often white or another bright color.

Homura's costume is perhaps more akin to a futuristic military uniform. He wears a high cut jacket and matching trousers with split colors of purple and violet, and his mesh armor underneath are varying colors of dark grey and black. He wears reinforced combat boots on his feet, capable of navigating rugged terrain.

Personality: Homura is generally quite laid back, his aloof nature sometimes being misconstrued for laziness or apathy. This is not so, as despite being exceptionally bright, Homura works diligently in his classes and in his practical evaluations. He is most commonly a caretaker, drawing off of his experiences helping Ms. Mayuri around the orphanage to support his fellow classmates, particularly those that might be struggling in various aspects of their studies or personal lives. Ever the altruist, he is the first to offer a willing ear should there be those who are in need of it.

Considering his past experiences, in combat, Homura prioritizes quickly and calmly analyzing his opponent's abilities before devising creative uses of his quirk to counter or neutralize those dangers. He has to be careful with the use of his portals, as they impose limitations and risks abnormal to most other warp-subset emitter quirks.
Combat Information Rank: D-Rank

Heaven's Gate Heaven's Gate is an Emitter-type Quirk that allows Homura to create mono-directional portals to or from a particular space. These portals can be created and forgotten, these lasting for a single post before dissipating. However, with more exertion, Homura can maintain these portals, though it constantly drains energy. These portals can be opened to areas very far away, even into the vacuum of space immediately surrounding the planet, and Homura can control the shape of these portals for a number of purposes, such as giving his attacks directionality. These can be used to fire space debris at opponents, which immediately bursts into flames upon contact with the much denser air pressure of the earth's atmosphere. Conversely, a one-way portal to another area can be created, such as a one-way portal into the vacuum of space, creating a powerful suction. The further away from his current location, the more energy required to create and maintain that portal. Debris and substances are launched from Homura's portals at (Quirk stat) Strength and Speed. Additionally, contact with ignited space debris causes contact burns at the same Strength as the impact of the debris itself. Suction effects follow the same Strength/Speed formula. The maximum size of any single portal (or the cumulative size of multiple portals, if he decides to create more than one) is equal to (Quirk stat) in radius, rounded down. The maximum distance at which he can spawn any of his portals is equal to (Quirk stat x 2) meters, rounded down. Homura can maintain his portals for up to (Quirk stat/10) posts, rounded down, to a minimum of one (1) post.
Stats (20/100)
  • Strength: 3
  • Speed: 3
  • Endurance: 4
  • Perception: 5
  • Quirk: 5

Support Equipment: Primarily using his portals to engage in combat, Homura's support items focus on utility. His boots have gravity manipulation devices that grant him enhanced mobility, granting him the ability to walk on walls, jump again while the air, and even glide for short distances. Additionally, as the nature of his power can sometimes expose himself to incredibly hostile environments, his suit is retrofitted with nano-machines that can convert his outfit into an air-tight enviro-suit, capable of withstanding extreme heat and cold. It also allows him to survive in the vacuum of space with a five (5) post supply of oxygen.
Super Moves
Star Shot
Homura creates a one-way portal connecting from the outermost fringes of Earth's atmosphere to any location within 15 meters of his location, capturing a single piece of space debris (asteroid, non-terrestrial iron, ice, etc.) roughly the size of a basketball. The object colliding with Earth's dense air pressure immediately ignites the item in searing hot flames, striking an opponent at high speeds and causing second-degree burns on impact.

Suction Gate
Homura creates a one-way portal connecting to a lower air pressure location in Earth's atmosphere from anywhere within 15 meters of his location. The difference in air pressure creates a powerful suction force toward the gate, which will draw opponents in toward it and, if they pass through the gate, transport them to that location.

Explusion Gate
Homura creates a one-way portal connecting from a higher air pressure location or liquid pressure location in Earth's atmosphere to anywhere within 15 meters of his location. The difference in air pressure or water pressure creates a powerful wind tunnel or forcefully expels water over a wide area around the portal, expelling said air or substance at high speeds.
word count: 1442