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Kiyato, Ayumi
Bio Information Picture:
Age: 15
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110 lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Ayumi is short in stature and just fit enough to stay in shape and remain able to defend herself as well as keep up to a degree with her more physically inclined schoolmates. Though that said, she is otherwise slender, curvaceous, and well developed with an ample bosom and long supple legs leading down from wide hips and a firm behind.
Clothing/Accessories: Ayumi's day to day outfits consist simply of various blouses and skirts of various lengths accompanied by a pair of heeled boots.

During school hours she wears the standard UA school uniform.
Personality: Ayumi is loud, excitable, and perpetually cheerful, though perhaps a tad temperamental. And she wants nothing more than to act as a rallying force for the downtrodden and helpless. She holds a great deal of admiration towards the heroes of the world for all they do in helping others yet has little interest in becoming one herself, instead wanting to help people in her own way by becoming a top class news reporter.
Combat Information Rank: D

Transmitter wrote:Transmitter is an emitter type quirk allowing for Ayumi to mentally transmit her thoughts to a number of individuals up to her quirk stat within a range equal to her quirk statx4 in meters.
Awakening State
Once awakened, Ayumi gains the ability to effectively read the minds of others, allowing for her allies to give her access to their own thoughts as well as allow her to easily gain information from her foes, assuming the person being read is either willing or has a perception stat equal to or lower than her own quirk stat. This also requires a direct line of sight to be maintained.
Stats (22/100)
  • Strength: 3
  • Speed: 4
  • Endurance: 3
  • Perception: 5
  • Quirk: 7

Support Equipment: While out in public she carries a knife, 4 1/2 inches in length, strapped into a special pocket sewed into her skirt as a means to aid in self defense
Super Moves
*Insert any Supermoves your character might have or leave blank if desired*
Born and raised in Tokyo Japan, Ayumi has always been surrounded by heroes, from the pros themselves to those that served the public in other ways. Even her parents were heroes in her eyes, with her mother being a school teacher and her quirkless father being a grocery clerk. With that said, despite her admiration towards the heroes around her, and having inherited her mother's Transmitter quirk, she held no interest in being a pro hero even as a child, instead finding that she wanted to help others in her own way, though it took some time before she could figure out what path she wanted to take.

Ad then once she came of high school age, she received a scholarship to UA, the girl easily accepting it and enrolling in the General Education department with a dream firm in her heart, to become a person capable of providing hope to others, a person capable of getting into the action while leaving the heroing business to the professionals. Yes, she had discovered her path, a path to becoming a top class reporter.
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