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Sonata Kyofu, Ageha
Bio Information
Age: 14
Height: 5'7
Weight: 120 lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Ageha is a tall and slender girl, her figure denoting a predisposition to a lithe and agile style of movement. Her pale skin is a perfect contrast to her long, raven colored hair, but most notable are her strange, purple eyes. These eyes are a part of her mutation, and have caught much attention over the years. Her body is devoid of marks or scars, a fact she takes pride in, as she can be vain about her appearance.
Clothing/Accessories: Day to day, Ageha tends to wear a very dark outfit; black or gray short sleeved shirts with shorts, paired with long fingerless gloves and thigh high socks. For footwear she typically wears flats as they allow her more control over her movement.
Personality: Ageha can be best summarized as "cold" to most people; She's not very forthcoming or interactive beyond what's normally asked of her. This is largely in part due to her lack of sociality in her upbringing, having been bullied a lot as a child. This isn't to say that she can't be friendly, but there's a strong barrier that she keeps up often as the result of a troubled life. She decided to start schooling in order to distance herself from those problems however, and her hope is that she can overcome her difficulties and make her own way forward as a hero that the world might come to value.
Combat Information Rank: D-Rank

Crescendo wrote:Type of Quirk: Emitter/Mutant
Crescendo is responsible for Ageha's deafness, as the woman is completely incapable of traditional hearing. It's also responsible for her strange eyes. However, this also enables Ageha to control and manipulate vibrations created by herself within an area around her person, and see the vibrations of anyone within the range of her quirk, essentially allowing her to "hear" by seeing vibrations and translating them into words, notes or sounds. These vibrations can either be created by a part of her body, such as a clap or snap, or a tool in her possession like a tuning fork or musical instrument, but the vibrations must be created by her actions. Generally speaking, the more refined the effect is, the more intricate her vibration creation must be. For example, a simple wave of force could be performed with a clap or stomp, whereas singling out a specific individual in a crowd might require holding a specific musical note with her voice or an instrument. The range of this quirk's damaging effects is based on Ageha's quirk stat in meters, and the strength and speed of these vibrations and their effects are also based on her quirk stat. However, the range at which she can see vibrations isequal to her quirk stat x 2.
Awakening State
*Insert Awakening Information if Applicable*
Stats (20/100)
  • Strength: 2
  • Speed: 3
  • Endurance: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Quirk: 8

Support Equipment:
Musical Staff
Ageha carries a customized metal staff with her everywhere in the form of a collapsible tube that dangle from her hip. When triggered with a flick, the tube quickly unfolds into a 6 foot long staff with various holes along the ends, like those of a flute. The middle of the staff also has many buttons that she can press to open and close these holes along the weapon's edges, allowing her to twirl and swing the staff in order to create musical notes like a giant flute. Despite the holes in the weapon's shaft the staff is quite durable, and is able to be used effectively as a weapon.
Tuning Fork Tonfas
These two metal Tonfas are strapped to Ageha's back, and are easily accessible with a quirk reach behind her. Once brandish, it becomes clear that they have two long metallic protrusions extending from a small central metal bar. They very clearly resemble Tuning Forks, and function in the same way, reverberating with powerful vibrations upon contact with a solid object.
Tuning Fork Darts
Ageha carries 8 darts in holsters along her hip that can be grabbed and thrown with ease. These darts have two prongs on the back end that can be flicked like a tuning fork, causing them to vibrate. This allows Ageha to use these darts as a medium for her quirk.
Ageha also carries a smaller collapsible tube in her pocket that, once unfolded, becomes a simple transverse flute. While not capable of being used as a melee weapon, it is structurally sound and won't often break unless directly struck by an attack. While not pretty, the flute can be played like a traditional flute could.
Super Moves
Violent Duet - Ageha slams her Tuning Fork Tonfas together in front of her, causing them to vibrate with an audible hum as they hold a single pitch. The next strike delivered by each of her tonfas not only carry her own physical strength, but the strength of her quirk stat as well, compounding the damage together into a single strike.

Tone of Trajectory - Ageha flicks a tuning fork dart before throwing it to fill it with vibrations, and can thereafter snap her fingers to trigger the vibrations within the dart. This allows her to push the dart in any direction once, at a strength and speed equal to her quirk stat. This can be used to alter the trajectory of a dart by up to 45 degrees, or it can be used to increase the speed and strength of the dart moments before impact with a target, adding her quirk and strength stats together to determine the dart's power.

Symphony of Destruction - Ageha twirls her staff around her while she plays an aggressive, cacophonic sound with the ends of her staff. For every post she maintains this stance, the area around her is subjected to rending vibrations that can shred the landscape or rip into anyone caught in the range.

Seismic Overture - By either stomping on the ground or punching the ground, Ageha fills the ground around her with unstable vibrations that cause the floor or earth to shake violently. This makes standing or maintaining balance very difficult for those unprepared.

Rising Harmony - Ageha delivers a short melody with her staff by twirling it around her body before jamming one end of the staff into the ground. This causes refined vibrations to shoot through the ground towards a five meter area within her range before converging on that location. The ground or floor in that area will then rocket into the air as the vibrations meet each other and shoot straight up, carrying the floor and anything around the area up with them.

Forceful Note - Using a clap or snap to produce a single sharp sound, Ageha delivers a small area of effect burst of vibrations meant to push everything around her away from her. The louder the sound, the longer the range of the reverberations, though they still cannot exceed her maximum range.

Sound of Silence - Ageha focuses on the vibrations emitting from her own body and uses her quirk to render them completely inert. In effect, she cannot produce vibrations while she maintains this stance, rendering her utterly silent. However, this also means she cannot use her quirk in any other way, and this stance is particularly draining to maintain.

Insanity's Crescendo - One of the strongest techniques the woman knows, Ageha must use her actual flute to deliver a beautiful melody. As she does so, incredibly refined vibrations can reach any one target within range of her quirk, then reverberate through their skull. At it's weakest, this allows her to severely hamper a target's perception by overloading their ears and vibrating their eyes, rendering them temporarily blind and deaf. At it's strongest, she can damage the soft tissue of the brain, effectively killing a target after prolonged exposure to the melody. She can only target a single individual with this Super Move at a time, and to use it even once is incredibly draining.
Ageha was born to a destitute family that lived on the fringes of Tokyo. Growing up in squalor, in an apartment so small she shared a room with her parents, Ageha found that she longed for more in her life. Of course, that all changed when the girl became four years old and suddenly went completely deaf. Naturally, this freaked out everyone, but a trip to the free clinic confirmed that Ageha had indeed been born with a quirk; and part of this quirk robbed her of her hearing. Things continued to get worse for the girl as she grew up, being picked on in school to the point that she stopped trying to connect with her peers. She moved through most days in a bit of a daze, worried more about basic survival and scrounging yen to pay for food then she did about making friends.

Naturally, life only proceeded to get worse for Ageha, as her father took ill just after her 10th birthday and died a year later. The disease was preventable, but the medication was simply too expensive, and even though they saved every penny they could they simply couldn't stave off the onset of the disease. Ageha had been close with her father, so the loss cut her deep, and as she pounded the floor in rage she realized that there was another part of her curse of a quirk that she had never discovered in the past; she almost destroyed her apartment building with her slams. She learned that day that, when she tried really hard, she could create powerful vibrations that were capable of serious damage. This also awakened her ability to see these vibrations, and with a great deal of trial and effort the girl was able to 'hear' again by essentially reading vibrations and translating them into words, sounds and even music.

Just before her 14th birthday, Ageha was walking home from a trip to the grocery store when she was pulled into an alley by a mugger who held her at knife point. As fear overtook her, she ran deeper into the alley and the man pounced on her, landing on top of her and pinning her to the ground. In a fit of panic, Ageha's quirk sprang out at full force as the girl yelled "HELP", and in that instant the man was sent flying out of the alley by a powerful wave of force just as a police car was driving by. It was in that moment that Ageha realized this was her chance to do something about her situation in life, to do something for herself and her mother. She would train to use her quirk and become a hero, not only to line her pocket but to finally become noticed as more than the deaf urchin she had grown up as.
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