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Rei Tanimoto, Reinei
Bio Information Picture: N/A
Age: 14
Height: 5'3
Weight: 100lb
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Rei is a under-average teen with jet black shaggy hair that appears messy and unkempt. Underneath his hair lays his eyes which glow with an amber hue bordering on yellow in the right shade of sunlight. Rei's appearance differs from his parents slightly as they both have brown hair and brown eyes, and also relatively average for their respective ages. Rei also appears more frail than other teens his age as he has a smaller stature, and structure which makes him appear weak and frail. On his arms are multiple scars, discoloration, and slight dis-figuration from his quirk's outbursts. These scars stretch to his hands and his biceps before being sparse on his body where it occasionally would whip him when seriously growing out of control.
Clothing/Accessories: Rei wears typically baggy clothing, and long sleeves even in the heat of summer to hide the scars buried all along his arms. He'll typically favor black canvas tennis shoes with jeans, and a grey long sleeved shirt that is slightly oversized to drape to the knuckles of his hands.

For his hero costume, Rei had never originally planned to be a hero until he was sent to attend UA. Rei wears a navy blue jumpsuit tucked into black boots, and a helmet with a mirrored black visor that shields his face. Over his hands he wears black fingerless gloves as to allow his blackwhip to come out without damaging his suit.
Personality: Rei is quite quiet as he is shy being avoided in school due to his quirk's outburst frightening those around him, as well as his disdain and hatred for his own quirk's overwhelming authority in his life. His personality is resentful of his quirk, and makes him regret not being quirkless as originally suspected. He hopes to learn to control it so he can keep it under control and live a normal life.
Combat Information Rank: D-Rank (Academy Student)

Blackwhip wrote:Type of Quirk: Emitter
Blackwhip is an extremely useful quirk that allows to the user to produce black energy tendrils from their arms and command it at will. These tendrils are extremely strong, durable, and also versatile being able to bend and move at the user's whim. The length of the tendrils is determined by the user's Quirk stat able to reach up to [Quirk Stat] meters long, and move at a strength and speed equal to the user's [Quirk Stat]. The number of tendrils a user can produce is equal to their [Quirk Stat]/2. These tendrils can increase the user's mobility by allowing them to grapple to objects, detain, or increase a user's versatility.
Awakening State
*Insert Awakening Information if Applicable*
Stats (22/100)
  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 1
  • Endurance: 1
  • Perception: 1
  • Quirk: 18

Support Equipment:
Super Moves
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Rei's life as a child was relatively quiet. He was born underweight and undersized and doctors had thought he wouldn't live a few minutes past birth, but he persevered. Despite this set back at birth, Rei went on to maintain this state as a young child and through middle school. Rein would always be underweight and under average height for his age appearing under his actual age for all his life. This constant confusion had become apart of his routine being mistaken almost for elementary students while in his later years of middle school.

During this setback doctors had also questioned if perhaps Rei even had a quirk at all. Despite him displaying the requisite toe bone being fused together, his quirk had never manifested, and his parent's quirks we're never shown within him at all. The doctors at first assumed that he would be a late bloomer, but as time progressed they assumed that perhaps he wouldn't have a quirk at all, a first of his kind evolved past the need for the separated toe bone, but yet born with no quirk. It was during his 2nd year in middle school where he had manifested his quirk in a traumatic experience. Rei had been sleeping in his home one night in which he had a nightmare. In response his body triggered his dormant quirk which reacted sporadically blowing out his entire bedroom window and parts of the wall as it practically exploded from his arms whipping around in an attempt to defend himself.

Rei was found passed out with his arms broken in several places which required extensive surgery and therapy. The force of his own quirk was too much for himself to handle, and therefore he began going to quirk therapy to learn to control his quirk. It was during this and his last year of middle school that he learned to properly keep his quirk quelled within but with a few more outbursts it had caused quite a disruption in his life as well as stress on his body. It was also during this time that the teachers tried to figure out the best move for Rei as his quirk's outbursts were worrisome, and it was difficult to justify him attending a normal school for the fear that he may harm students who were used to not utilizing their quirks.

Much to the chagrin he was recommend to UA, and was able to attend on the basis of learning to control his quirk primarily. He was a special acceptance, not having to pass the exam, or actually be recommended for exceptional quirk usage. Rather he was recommended out of fear his quirk may lash out at normal students, and that the teachers would be unable to deal with it. Rather if he attended a hero high school, he may be able to learn to contain his quirk as well as be in good care of people who would know how to deal with such outburst.
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