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The Dragon Meiyo Souta
Bio Information Picture: Image Age: 22
Height: 6'5''
Weight: 200 lbs
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Souta is a rather large man, broad shouldered and well muscled. His hair is a crimson red and down to his shoulders though he keeps the side of his head nearly shaved. His eyes are a deep blue. His body is littered with his fair share of scars though most are minor. The only major ones are one across his back from right shoulder blade to the left side of his ribs, and one smaller one across his right side under his ribs.
Clothing/Accessories: Souta is almost always seen wearing a pair of black combat boots and black pants which he keeps tucked into them. He keeps a black belt with a silver buckle on to keep them in place. Typically he also wears a black sleeveless shirt that fits loosely, specifically made that it doesn't fully meet in the front so that it can be easily shrugged off. (Note: the fabric is made loosely yes, but not in a way to actually see between the sets of fabric, his chest is not fully visible when the shirt is on)
Personality: Souta can be a bit of a hardass. In front of students he may maintain a mask of seriousness, being strict and demanding the best from any student. But in his personal life and his work he tends to be a cocky sort. He's not afraid to show off what he can do, and not afraid of taking decisive action. He can come off as condescending and pushy to teammates, but when he gets close to someone he can also be incredibly protective and even border on nurturing.
Combat Information Rank: B Rank

Dragon's Prowess wrote:Type of Quirk: Transformation
*Dragon's Prowess is a Transformation quirk. The individual transforms into a humanoid dragon form complete with scales, tail, wings, and maw. The claws are as durable as as the quirk stat, as are the scales causing them to act as a kind of armor. While typically a full transformation, the individual does also maintain the ability to partially transform. Perhaps showing off sharpened teeth or transforming a hand into a claw, manifesting just the wings or just the tail, etc.*
Awakening State
*In an Awakening State the individual is able to breathe fire when in form, specifically for Souta this is a blue fire.*

This fire has a range of [quirk stat]/2 meters, and its strength and speed are based on the [Quirk Stat].
Stats (56/100)
  • Strength: 10
  • Speed: 16
  • Endurance: 10
  • Perception: 5
  • Quirk: 15

Support Equipment:
Super Moves
*Insert any Supermoves your character might have or leave blank if desired*
Souta's life was hardly a hardship. His parents were well off, leaving him with a rather entitled and spoiled upbringing. But much of the influences of his life actually revolved around the influences of another. A boy named Rokuro was his best friend growing up. The pair were inseparable as children and played together constantly. Their families often joked that the two were brothers in spite of different families not just because of their attachment, but because while Souta's quirk was his ability to transform into a black humanoid dragon, Rokuro's was the ability to transform into a red humanoid dragon. Jokes of 'switched at birth' or 'stolen from another family' were always made in pure jest.

But when the pair were around fifteen years old, Rokuro's family hit a patch of bad luck. His parents were both murdered by a notorious Villain, and through their deaths the truth came out that the family had been broke and about to declare bankruptcy. Rokuro was cast out onto the streets, and when it became clear that this villain was somehow connected to the business that Rokuro's father ran, Souta's family refused to take the boy in or help in any way. Souta would sneak out to see him still, sneak him food or clothing, anything he could. But the fact was as time went on, Souta was a helpless witness in watching his friend's life deteriorate. By time Souta turned nineteen, Rokuro had died of a drug overdose and Souta swore he wanted to be more than just a Hero.

No one really expected what was going to come of that oath. Souta took on a job as a Literature teacher at a local school for those without quirks or those who would not be raised as heroes, in addition to running a class on hand to hand combat at a hero school as well. His work load was fairly impressive between the two, but the man has always insisted that no one should be without the most basic help. Though he has always expected near perfection from his students, he has also always been known to donate to his students' well-being in a multitude of ways, refusing to let anyone fall through the cracks as his best friend once did.
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