3) Quirks, Stats, and Super Moves

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#1 3) Quirks, Stats, and Super Moves

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Rule Write-ups

In the world of My Hero Academia quirks fall into three different categories, and while a quirk may not exactly fit perfectly in one of these categories it usually will subside in the most fitting one. The three categories usually dictate the nature of the quirk, and what it’s capable of doing or susceptible to. The three categories are Emitter, Transformation, and Mutant quirks. Quirks must be specific, and have a certain power as it cannot be all encompassing. An example of this is controlling all four elements would not be allowed, but having pyrokinesis or aquakinesis are fine as they're specific.

Every Quirk functions off a stat called the "Quirk" stat,. This determines the strength of the quirk, as well as the efficiency it can be used at. This Quirk stat is seen as an addition to your already existing stats, such as having a Quirk that turns your skin hard to resist items is in addition to your base Strength and Endurance stats. Therefore a Strength stat at 30 is not as strong as a Strength stat at 20 with a Quirk Stat at 30 since the Quirk is additive to it. This is similar for Strength, Speed, or Perception boosting quirks. Emitter quirks that emit things like flames, ice, and etc will use the Quirk stat for their strength/speed for the emission.

Quirk Categories
  • Emitter Type Quirks:
    Emitter type quirks are the most common quirks found among people. These quirks typically involve an exertion, manipulation, or some type of external factor expressed through an individual. Such common quirks can be emitting electricity, exerting super strength, or disabling people at a range. Sometimes Emitter type quirks can intersect with transformation quirks when a particular event, ingestion, or other catalyst is needed to activate the quirk’s effect. Some examples of such quirks are but not limited to;
Emitter Quirk Examples
  • Super Strength
    The ability to exert super strength that surpasses that of normal people once thought other worldly. (Super Strength is based on the user's Quirk stat)
  • Elemental Emission
    The ability to emit a specific type of element such as fire, water, or air. (Emission is based on the user's Quirk stat)
  • Teleportation/Warping
    The ability to create, emit, or manipulate positions in space/time or create gates for travel. (Distance is determined by the user's Quirk stat)
  • Mutant Type Quirks:
    Mutant type quirks are the second most common found in the populace. Mutant quirks are typically a manifestation of an individual's quirk permanently, and are always displayed/visible. These Mutant quirks or otherwise known as “abnormalities” provide their user with an always active ability that can have the properties of Emitter or Transformation types but unlike those are typically active constantly. Most mutant quirks are typically cosmetic and change a feature of the user, or a user can have an Emitter quirk with a Mutant factor like blue skin. Mutant type quirks are partially impervious to anything that disables quirks, for example if someone were to disable a Mutant type’s quirk like that of an extra appendage, it’d simply disable the use of that appendage. Below are some examples of such quirks, but are not limited to.

    Note: If your emitter quirk/transformation quirk has a cosmetic mutation such as Tokoyami's Bird Face or Anivoice's block shaped head, that is perfectly fine.
Mutant Quirk Examples
  • Invisibility
    The user is constantly invisible to the naked eye, and can not be spotted. (Quirk is based on the user's Quirk stat)
  • Claws
    The user constantly has claws that extend out of their fingers that allow them to cut through objects and others. (Strength of cutting is based on the user's Quirk stat)
  • Octopus
    The user has several tendril-like appendages with suction cups like that of an octopus that extend from the base of their spine. (Strength of tendril appendages are based on the user's Quirk stat)
  • Transformation Type Quirks:
    Transformation type quirks are the least common quirk found among people. Transformation quirks are typically a change in the structure of a person by enhancing features, removing features, or adding new features to the body. Transformation quirks usually involve a process where the user undergoes a change to a different state. The most common type of Transformation quirks is gigantification. However Transformation quirks can also involve hardening, a change in body composition to say steel, and change body parts into different things. Below are some examples of such quirks, but are not limited to.
Transformation Quirk Examples
  • Hardening
    The ability to harden one's skin to rock, steel, or any other material. (Strength of hardening is based on the user's Quirk stat)
  • Chimera
    The ability to take on properties and parts of different animals and beings. (Variety of changing and length of change is based on the user's Quirk stat)
  • Gigantification
    The ability to increase one's size to that of buildings and giants heard in fairy tales. (Size increase and strength is based on the user’s Quirk stat)
(The quirks listed above with their featured Quirk stats are not limited to these, but are the typical stat associated with the quirk. As long as the Quirk’s associated stat makes sense, it may be used, I.E. Gigantification using Endurance instead of Strength or Endurance for hardening)
Copying Quirks Copying quirks while allowed are restricted specifically. Copying another person's quirk can only be temporary for the thread, and last for a number of posts based on the user's quirk stat. Permanently taking someone's quirk as it stands is not allowed, and so only copying quirks for a set of posts is allowed.
Quirk Awakening Quirks are capable of having an awakening, this awakening can unlock new abilities related to ones quirk, or increase the strength of it. Awakening's happen at a key point within a Quirk's development at 25 stats. An example of an Awakening can be having your quirk change from simple water manipulation to including water creation, changing the temperature of said water, or even changing the consistency to sticky syrup. The evolution must remain in-line with the original quirk, but can enhance it, increase the base range, scale, or scope of the quirk. Quirks that have a strong base are given less leniency as to what it can "Awaken" to, while quirks with a weaker base have a wider range of leniency as well as the strength they can "Awaken" to.

The strength of your Awakening is left to the discretion of the mod team.
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#2 Re: 3) Quirks, Stats, and Super Moves

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Stats are used to determine your physical capabilities, quirk proficiency, and setting limits to what your character can do. This also allows us to judge combat as combat is all based relative to stats. Stats also set reasonable limits for your character’s feats, as well as allow you to grow your character from a novice to a full fledged hero or villain. Stats are based on a scale of 1 - 30, with 30 being the hard cap. Overall a character is allowed to have 100 stats total.

Below is a comparative example of how the stats scale on a 1 - 30 set:

Stat Number / Stat Level Description
  • 1-5:
    This is in the realm of an average person who doesn’t perform any strenuous exercise regularly. They're in the realm of healthy, and are capable of meeting the minimum requirements sometimes slightly above. Your average academy student learning to become a hero.
  • 5-10:
    This is the realm of a person who regularly exercises, keeps fit, and is an average sports enthusiast or quirk strength capable of being a sidekick.
  • 10-15:
    This is the realm of a person who is physically fit and performs adequate exercise. They're capable of running several miles, and are on par with a medium tier athlete training for long hours of the day capable of exerting the most of their muscles. This person is in the realm of what a beginning pro hero is capable of.
  • 15-20:
    This person is in active training capable of running several miles in the high double digits with quite the speed, and is capable of exerting strength and endurance like that on par with Olympic athletes and bodybuilders. At 20 they are at near peak human performance, or the level of which an experienced pro hero would be expected at.
  • 21-25:
    This person has perfected their body with a daily regimen and body science to a perfect letter capable of exerting their muscles not thought possible by the average person. They can exceed what Olympic athletes are capable of as they're marvels of current physical science. Truly a specimen of a person and a specialist in their field.
  • 25-30:
    This person is capable of performing superhuman feats unheard of naturally or those only granted by quirks. They’re also capable of surviving things that would otherwise kill normal people, and exceeding speeds that were thought normal.

Stat Descriptions

Below is a description of each stat field, and what its capable of doing. These stats offer a loose interpretation of what your character is capable of, and the stats that can reinforce their skills when in combat. These stats are relatively and offer a bit of bending to achieve feats not capable when used in a combat situation.

Endurance Stat
The endurance stat determines how much exertion a person can commit to without tiring or succumbing to exhaustion. The endurance stat determines as much physical output as it does quirk output so it's important to balance your endurance usage between your quirk and self as quirks are physical abilities themselves. The endurance stat also determines your survivability if you are to take damage, whereas some damage may kill others a person with a formidable endurance stat may pull through.

Strength Stat
The strength stat determines how much a person can exert physically and resist physically. It acts effectively as a damage resistance stat where the higher the strength stat the less attacks have an affect on them. Also with a higher stat the more a person is able to push, pull, lift, and the harder they are able to punch. If you have a high quirk stat but a low strength stat you may injure yourself in the use of your quirk if your body isn’t capable of resisting its after shock.

Speed Stat
The speed stat determines how fast a person can run, and how fast their attacks are. A person with a high speed stat can move at speeds hard for people to block, able to deal out strikes that others can’t react to. It also determines a person’s ability to evade or dodge after witnessing an incoming strike or object.

Perception Stat
The perception stat is a person’s ability to perceive things and process things under pressure with greater clarity. With the perception stat a person is capable of perceiving the miniscule of details in a situation, and are able to take advantage of them provided their other stats support them. A perception stat also allows people to witness things that otherwise may escape people with a low perception stat such as lying or sleight of hand movements.

Quirk Stat
The quirk stat is a person's ability to use their quirk, and facilitate the strength of it. A person with a higher quirk stat is capable of utilizing their quirk most efficiently, and also at its utmost strengths being able to bench press entire buildings or raze entire cities with the strength of it. The Quirk stat can sometimes act as an addition to a person's natural strength, speed, endurance, or perception pending on the nature of the quirk.
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#3 Re: 3) Quirks, Stats, and Super Moves

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Super Moves
Super Moves are advanced usages of quirks which can result in a specialized move or maneuver that enhances the use of ones quirk. An example of this is Bakugo's AP Shot which allows him to refine and point his explosive potential into a more tightly packed shot giving him accuracy. Super Moves do not cost anything and can be added to the sheet as requested, or can be written out in a thread if they make sense. Super Moves are simply a way of characterizing advanced usages of quirks and are not mandatory to have.
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