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#1 The Polish and Tarnish of History

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2020 11:06 pm
by Seiken
Eating out wasn't a luxury that Maru often enjoyed. Despite how most of polite society pushed down the notion that people were treated differently because of how they were born, the reality on the ground was much different, or at least here it was. It was even evident based on the way that some of those walking down the street toward him took the time to step to the side and give him a wide berth. This was not due to Maru's imposing size. He knew better. They knew better. Discrimination was very much alive in the world that Maru lived in. It had simply gotten better at hiding in plain sight. Maru's lineage had rippling ramifications that he only came to understand as he had come into adulthood. It had taken two years to find gainful employment, a freak happy accident when a company based outside of Kansai decided to start doing construction work in the region. It also meant that a large number of restaurants, much cheaper than shopping at a grocery store, either viewed him with contempt or, in rarer cases, outright refused to service him. Though it meant he had to learn how to cook, it also meant less money going towards savings. Maru had learned to be resilient, to be content with what he had and appreciate the smaller things.

Thus, when he found a kushiyaki restaurant close to the construction site he was working at, and one owned and managed by a man who shared his heritage at that, Maru readily returned multiple times each week. It was a quick, cheap source for lean protein, and Maru enjoyed the charcoal grilling style his region was famous for. He would miss this place once his jobs moved elsewhere in the region, and he'd be sure to get as much of it as he could.

Turning into the shop and stepping through the curtain that separated the inside of the shop from the street, Maru called out a salutation to the shop owner. "Good to see you, Ondo-han," he announced as he slid into one of the many stools around the central island where they cooked the food.

The older gentleman turned around and smiled wide upon recognizing Maru. "Welcome, Maru-kun! I'll get some skewers on the grill for ya, boy."

Maru nodded with a content grin. Life could royally suck sometimes, with everything he faced on a daily basis. Still, this was nice. A hot meal, free of the vicious eyes that lingered outside... there wasn't much better a simple pleasure that Maru could ask for.

#2 Re: The Polish and Tarnish of History

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2020 12:42 am
by Director
In the corner of the restaurant in a booth sipping a glass of whiskey, despite being midday sat a rugged old man. Much larger than most, clearly of foreign descent yet kissed with the facial features of the Japanese he sat sipping his poison of choice staring into a case file which was sprawled out on his table. Another crime yet another case to investigate as he flipped through the paper. So far the crime was fairly mundane, simple fraud from a tech company however it was eluding the company as to who was doing it. So far all the internal reviews had turned up nothing yet something was missing. Sure Yoshitsugu could use his quirk to make a guess, but it'd hardly stand up in court. While his quirk was notable it hardly had a strong basis in court, and hard to believe that it even existed to begin with. With a chime of the door his eyes peered up at the other burly young man who had walked in clear off a construction site ready for lunch.

His eyes drew to his cup, whiskey around lunch time seemed out of place at this time but it was five-o'clock somewhere. His eyes drifted back at the paperwork in-front of him as he cupped his chin with his hand scratching at his beard piecing together what clues laid there. Yoshitsugu was more absorbed in his detective work than caring who was among patrons in the restaurant.

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Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2020 1:52 am
by Seiken
Neither party had any notion of what could possibly bring their lives together in any sort of way. Were this just any day, the two would likely have continued about their own business, perhaps sharing but a wayward glance before departing. They would live their lives, likely never meeting again. Today was not just any day. Today was the day where one of the most prominent Yakuza oyabun in Kansai was being transported from his holding facility to face sentencing in court for widespread racketeering schemes perpetuated throughout numerous prefectures in southern and central Japan. Today was the day where the armored transport was traveling down that very same road as this humble restaurant.

And today was the day that his kyoudai, led by his wakagashira and shategashira, had planned an attack on the transport to escape.

The plan was simple: once the truck was on this main drag, the yakuza would crash several rented vehicles into oncoming traffic, immediately jamming the intersection and halting the flow of vehicles. Then, they would begin setting off explosives, set at random intervals and locations and begin busting into storefronts and shops. They would loot, vandalize, and basically cause mass panic all around, making tracking the threat difficult for the truck guards, and it would make advancing or retreating impossible as people fled from their vehicles, trapping them. Then, from the alleyways and side streets, the kyoudai would flood in, taking out the guards and recovering their oyabun before making a speedy getaway. It was vital that this plan go off without a hitch, lest heroes deploy and try to stop them.

Maru had just gotten his skewers placed in front of him and was about to take a bite when he heard the cars crash and a look of confusion crossed his features It wasn't completely out of place to hear an accident outside, but one involving so many cars seemed highly unlikely. Slowly putting down his skewer, the man arose from his stool and poked his head out of the curtain to the outside.

It was right as he did this that he saw the first of the blasts. It was at this point that the patrons in the shop all shouted in fright.

Maru looked back inside and assessed the situation, gritting his teeth. This was no time to panic, but they had to act fast. Everyone seemed frozen stiff, bewildered that something so violent was happening so close to them. Even the shop owner's face had drained of color, completely in shock. "Ondo-han! Quickly, the back exit! Get them out!" he barked, managing to jolt the kindly old man from his stupor. Nodding his head furiously, the owner urged his patrons to the back exit as calmly as he could. Maru took a deep breath as he stared at the curtain. Should he go out? If someone saw him try to stop them, there could be trouble.

The young man rebuked himself as soon as the thought entered his head. He was striving to become a hero, right? Heroes didn't hesitate to help people, even if it would cost them. Stepping through the curtain, Maru entered the swirling chaos that was the street, as the booms of explosions and sharp cracks of shattering glass filled the air. Looking around, he saw the prison transport and groaned. He had a feeling that this was the target and he carefully approached. This was the work of Yakuza, no doubt. They would only do something this brazen if they had carefully coordinated it, and this chaos around him was likely a cover for their main objective.

Maru just hoped that he wouldn't have to fight anyone he knew.

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Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2020 5:12 am
by Director
As Yoshitsugu was taking another sip of his whiskey the explosions outside rattled the joint as everyone inside seemed rattled by it. Yoshitsugu blinked his eyes as if to do a quick reality check as he watched his whiskey settled down. Yep, that was indeed an explosion that had just rattled his old bones and his pleasant evening of staring at papers. God damned Yakuza never letting up in this town, always doing some kind of hair brained scheme. As he watched the commotion he took notice of the other tall individual in the building begin barking out instructions. Some other kind of hero in this town at this time? Nah, he was quite certain that he was the only hero in the vicinity, this guy was just a good samaritan trying to help the panicked civies in the town. He took another sip of his whiskey as he took notice of the kid taking in the situation, a little in over his head, and seemingly overwhelmed with the chaos.

Yoshitsugu got up from the table drink in hand as he stepped out from behind the curtain behind Maru looking at the situation. "Real shit show, huh?" With another sip of his whiskey he peered over Maru's shoulder as he took in the prisoner transport. With a sigh and roll of the eyes he began walking towards the prisoner transport before he was approached by some Yakuza punk itching for a chance to smack someone up. Real new guy to the whole gang scene ready to make a name. How short lived that dream was. "Hey gramps! Better back the hell up! This ain't no old folks hom-" With his free hand Yoshitsugu just backhanded the kid extremely hard in the face shocking him before following up with the awe as he swooped his right leg behind the Yakuza's legs, and grabbed him by the throat choke slamming him into the ground all while keeping the whiskey minimally disturbed in its home.

Yoshitsugu gestured towards the kid standing in-front of the restaurant. "You gonna help me out here? Little too crazy for me to just backhand all of these punks running around." As he knocked his head back taking the rest of the whiskey as a shot he retrieved his steel taser baton keeping the glass firmly in the other hand. As un-hero like he looked and behaved, it wasn't the heroics and theatrics he was a hero for. It was just bringing the justice to criminals that suited him just fine, regardless of how 'unprofessional' he seemed. "You can call me Mr. Clarkson. You got a name?"

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Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2020 6:41 am
by Seiken
On the bright side, Maru hadn't run into anything he would be familiar with. On the down side... of all places for there to be a hero, why did there have to be one here? He wasn't even sure if he was from around these parts. His accent certainly didn't sound like it. Still, Maru hadn't expected this. Crap. If he acted now, it'd be obvious that he wasn't just some regular civie. Any hero worth their salt would be able to notice someone who had trained their quirk when they saw them in action. There was no telling what would happen after this was over. But he couldn't just do nothing! There was no avoiding it. He just-

Almost as if fate swept his concerns aside, the old man seemed to beckon him for his aid after cleanly demolishing a yakuza thug clearly out of his league. Maru did his best to quiet the look of pleasant surprise on his face. If it was a hero asking for help, he had some level of legal protection from scrutiny. Not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth, the man nodded and approached. "The name's Maru, Mr. Clarkson. Pretty sure these guys are trying to break their boss out. Guess he was getting taken to his sentencing and they targeted the transport." His stance was confident enough, and Maru's life of physical work made him stronger than most.

Sure enough, the two lieutenants, each with several gunmen accompanying them, revealed themselves from the side alleyways. The transport guards, having already deployed around the truck, quickly took note, and both groups quickly took cover behind cars and opened fire. Maru eyed the positions the yakuza had taken up and noticed their positioning. "They're so focused on the transport that they left their rear exposed. Should we try to take down the bosses, send the rest of them into a panic?" he offered. He wasn't a perfect strategist, but Maru at least knew his way around a fight, and he knew how superstitious a lot these yakuza were. If their leaders were silenced, the rank and file might be more amenable to surrender.

#6 Re: The Polish and Tarnish of History

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 3:20 am
by Director
Yoshitsugu took in the field as did Maru. According to his calculations and Maru's own it was clear this was some kind of rescue attempt on the Yakuza boss. Despite the young man's analytical skills, he hadn't had the experience to yet perceive the whole situation. While the boss was being rescued, there was vandalism, theft, and destruction of people's property about. Even if they had stopped the crime boss, it'd still be a terrible mess all things considered. Yoshitsugu tossed the glass lightly in his hand as he began to strode over towards the convoy as his free hand reached into his jacket retrieving a black extendable steel baton as one flick of the wrist downwards revealed.

"While you've got a pair of eyes on you boy, you've yet the experience to see the situation for what it is. A shit show for us no matter what, which is why you're gonna have to learn quick how to think on your feet." Yoshitsugu pointed around them at both the situation unfolding in the shops, and those of which the guns drawn ringing out shots around the trucks adding more confusion to the masses. "Whether we stop the crime boss from escaping or not, these shops are still gonna be tarnished in the mean time. Meaning we either let a high profile criminal get away, or we let the people's livelihoods be wrecked and ruined. What's your quirk? We ain't got time to play around, so be quick and thorough."

Yoshitsugu finished his spiel as he engaged another Yakuza walking up towards him gun drawn as he threw the empty glass at the man's head bonking him hard enough to stun before following up the extended baton tucked behind the criminal's left leg yanking it out from underneath, and finishing with a closed fist downward into the man's gut to put him out while he plucked the gun out from the man's loosened grip quickly taking aim at two Yakuza pilfering a street shop as he plastered the two in the leg sending them down crying. "Think you've got the picture from my example?" Yoshitsugu continued forward gun drawn in one hand, Baton in the other. The gun was quite a shit device, being 3D printed from shoddy materials, it looks like it could fire a total of 5 bullets before being completely wasted while the Yakuza closest to the boss' truck held police grade handguns and rifles.

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Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 4:41 pm
by Seiken
Maru had to admit that he hadn't expected the old man's focus to be on damage prevention instead of capturing the leader. Maru wasn't blind to the optics of the situation, but letting a criminal mastermind escape could ultimately result in more damage than what was happening here, wouldn't it? Perhaps Mr. Clarkson already had something else in mind. There were other heroes in Kansai. Perhaps he would rely on them to detain the Yakuza boss? He couldn't afford to reside too much on it. Focusing back up, Maru answered his question. "Earth and metal manipulation. I can add my own strength to it for more power, but my direct range of control is eight meters."

As Mr. Clarkson quickly dispatched three Yakuza, Maru started to understand a little more... or rather, he reaffirmed what he already knew. A hero's first directive was to protect those around them. Capturing a criminal at the cost of innocent blood wasn't an acceptable trade. It wasn't even a victory. It'd ultimately shake people's confidence in their heroes, and that could not be allowed to happen. Quickly spotting three Yakuza who were harassing a store owner and brandishing weapons at them, Maru acted quickly and decisively. Exerting his control into his hands and combining it with his physical strength, Maru cleanly ripped off the door to a totaled vehicle to his right before throwing the door like a discus at the three assailants, all of them having neatly lined up and blissfully unaware of his presence. As the wayward metal contraption slammed squarely into their sides, knocking them unconscious, the shopkeeper was startled, but a quickly bark from Maru snapped them back to the moment, and they ran.

Maru quickly saw they also had weapons, though most of them had been destroyed from his impact due to their low quality. One of them, however, seemed to be custom made, a better quality semi-auto pistol like those the special assault teams carry, and the thugs had four clips on them in total. Maru was no marksman, but Mr. Clarkson might be able to make use of them. Drawing them to his hands using his power, he turned to his hero partner. "Mr. Clarkson! Here!" he called, tossing them as a bundle to Mr. Clarkson. The clips would fall neatly into his arms once he caught the package.

Maru would then turn his attention elsewhere. One Yakuza thug, apparently having seen him dispatch his buddies, charged him with a spinning chain. Maru grinned. Perfect. Exerting his control over the chain, it appeared to have a life of its own as it suddenly wrapped around the thug. As he writhed and struggled to break free, Maru ran up and punched him squarely in the jaw, knocking him out before taking the chain. It wasn't his own, but it felt familiar in his hands.

The hunt for the Yakuza was on. Hopefully, the police forces could hold out long enough for Maru and Clarkson to help them.