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Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2020 2:20 pm
by Aes Sedai
This was one of many reasons why Souta liked to start the first days on a bench in front of the school observing. It was always very telling, the way students interacted without his immediate influence or presence. Not to mention what they would clearly think of him as well. He always found it amusing when a new student just assumed he was "an old student". In others he saw confusion as they tried to figure out who he was. It was always a fun first day game. He didn't say a word to the students again, closing his book with an audible snap as he looked up and noticed another student mixed in with the first years.

He stood from the bench and expertly weaved his way to the group, pausing next to Tendou before reaching out and patting the kid on the back as he passed by. "I expect you to impress this year." he said simply, smirking at him as he continued walking on to his class. At Souta's height it wasn't hard to get ahead of the students, his stride was rather large and he didn't even need to jog to get ahead. His book tucked under his arm he quietly made his way to his first classroom.

Personally he hated classrooms, he found them confining. Probably a side effect of his work as a combat instructor. There was also his place as a homeroom teacher and literature teacher however, an interesting contrast to be sure. But once in his classroom he set his book on his desk at the front of the room before taking a seat on it, silently waiting for kids to enter and take their seats. As they would inevitably begin entering, he eventually pushed off the desk and went to the blackboard behind it, writing his name for them to see and turning his attention back to the desks. He crossed his arms over his chest in silence and watched, giving them time to get to their seats, and an extra few minutes to settle down.

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Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2020 12:36 am
by Seiken
Relieved to have seemingly resolved the unintentional conflict with his fellow student, Homura was entirely focused on getting to class on time. Zipping through the halls of UA for the first time, he had to resist the impulse to stop and adore multiple times as he located his classroom. Thankfully, classroom 1-A being top of the list in order, he didn't have to go very far. Sliding the door open, he could see that he wasn't alone. There were already a number of other students in the classroom, including the two girls they had met outside. Now that he had the opportunity to see the second girl more clearly (her back had been turned when she first spoke to them outside), her violet eyes almost seemed to glow in the light. It was impossible to not appreciate how absolutely breathtaking they were. That, combined with her long obsidian hair and seemingly intense and sharp personality, made for a powerful first impression. And her friend, Ayumi, the peacemaker, seemed to contrast her almost entirely, a bright and cheery expression combined with gentle, inviting features. Homura ripped his eyes away almost as quickly as they had settled upon them, his nerves making it a bit easier as he made his way to his desk. Through some miracle, he had been given this opportunity to make something greater of himself than he could have been otherwise. He wasn't about to squander that hope and disappoint everyone at home.

It wasn't long before their homeroom arrived, and Homura was both relieved and anxious to see that it was the red-haired gentleman they had seen outside. The man had seemed nice enough, but the boy's starry-eyed wonder at which he had gazed at the building, to the detriment of his classmate, could have left a bad first impression on his new teacher. Hopefully, Homura would be able to prove that he wasn't just some clueless kid and that he had a profound interest in learning what the instructor had to teach him. He was determined to try his best, if nothing else.

Thus, while the rest of the class was still taking their time to chat it up with old friends and try to meet new ones, the young man sat quietly in his chair, reviewing the introductory materials that had been sent to him during the summer break. He took a deep breath to try and calm himself. He could barely contain his excitement. He was really here! At UA! And his first class was about to start! Homura couldn't stop the slight grin of optimism that painted his otherwise timid features.

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Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2020 9:59 am
by OrdinaryWorld
The girl had pulled her punches with the wave but even had she not Hayate had quite a deal of physical athleticism for a first year. With the strength it had it merely around the part where ones shin met their ankle- causing a weird sensation that likewise caused him to make a weird face, but nothing more. The group was all moving on, even Homura... That meant Hayate's mention of Homura and him becoming best friends seemed to have been completely ignored as the rest of the students and Homura marched on forward with the really old student.

He slumped comically as he followed everyone through a second set of gates and towards the first year building- all the while looking around at the students around him.

Sheeh, a lot freaks this year huh he thought to himself as he made his way up to Class 1-A only to realize that like him Homura had entered. After following him in, he noticed Ageha and the other girl sitting. At first glance it was hard to even compare the two; one was clearly a goddess.

He followed and sat down in a seat by Homura. It took a few minutes, but when he finally looked up he realized the old student delinquent looking guy... was.. their teacher? His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he rocketed out of his seat...

"This is class 1-A right, not like the metal club or music room?"

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Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 7:23 am
by Kabu
Ayumi happily hummed to herself as she practically skipped through the gates and all the way to the classroom, where she chose a fairly centralized seat so she could have a generally good view of the rest of the class while still being close enough to easily pay attention to whatever the teacher would have to say at any given time.

Having been one of the first to arrive, she naturally had her sights set on the door, waiting and watching to see who her fellow classmates would be. And it seemed that the meetings from earlier may have been fate as while there were a fair few students that she didn't recognize, Ageha had entered alongside her and Homura and Hayate weren't all too far behind. As well, it even seemed to be that the teacher from earlier was going to be their homeroom teacher.

"Goodie, it seems that we're all going to be together in the same class for this year." she quietly spoke to herself, feeling very happy with this outcome. It was definitely going to be a great year.

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Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2021 5:19 pm
by Aes Sedai
Watching the new students come in and see who was joining them was always a bit entertaining. Even moreso after Souta had seen their interactions outside of the classroom. He couldn't help a bit of a smirk as the girls took their seats and the boys certainly took notice of them before finding their own seats. Of course almost immediately one of the boys spotted Souta and seemed to be rather confused by the man's presence. It wasn't the worst reaction he had seen, of course that didn't stop a rather annoyed scowl from crossing the man's expression either. "Sit." he said rather gruffly in response before turning his eyes to the class and deciding to finally get things quieted down and under control. "Everyone sit! Quiet down!"

Previously his voice may have seemed quiet, or even gentle. But as he barked an order at his class it became clear how low and even booming it could truly be. A tone akin to scraping gravel under one's boot. Souta motioned to the board behind him with his name, once he was satisfied the class was seated and quiet of course. "Welcome to homeroom 1-A!" he started, uncrossing his arms and thrusting his hands into his pockets as he looked over the students. "I am Meiyo Souta. I am your homeroom teacher. I am also a Literature teacher, and some of you will see me again in your self defense and hand-to-hand combat courses." he continued.

He walked around his desk to the front of it once more before leaning against it and crossing his arms again. "Your day will always begin here, I have no problem with you using this to catch up on things, to read, the only thing I will not accept is disruption. You will respect one another, that includes not disrupting the work of others, being loud, mockery, anything of the sort." He glanced over them to make sure they were listening before giving them his next directive. "Introduce yourselves, one at a time. Your name, your year, and anything you deep important about yourself such as hobbies or even your quirk if you feel so comfortable."

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Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2021 12:46 am
by Seiken
Despite his best efforts, Homura was unable to completely stifle the starry-eyed notions he had of UA completely. He was instantly inspired by the authority and respect Souta's presence commanded with but a few simple words. Overtly, Homura seemed calm, but anyone with any level of social perception (or even anyone with telepathy might feel it) could tell that boundless optimism and hope wafted off of him like rainbows springing from a leprechaun's gold. To prevent himself from fidgeting with his hands below his desk, Homura tightly clenched the pant legs of his uniform. The irony of this energy was not lost on Homura himself, of course. He typically was fairly reserved and calm, even aloof to those who didn't know him better. But this was bigger than anything he'd been part of before. This was the start of the next part of his life, and he wasn't about to waste this opportunity he'd been given.

Thus, as the line of students introducing themselves closed in on him, he had to take a few deep breaths to calm himself back down, lest he literally rocket himself out of his seat. When it was at last his turn to speak, he conducted himself with as much dignity as he could muster, though it was clear he was a bit nervous. "Good morning, everyone. My name is Hoshikage Homura, a first year," he stated, giving a slight bow to everyone. "...And though I don't always have time after helping with my brothers and sisters, I enjoy astronomy and stargazing. I hope that we can all help each other become the best heroes we can be."

Perhaps it was a bit cheesy, but Homura expressed the sentiment regardless. Even if this was UA, it was still a high school, and teenagers were often competing with each other in needless and vain ways. Perhaps by expressing a desire to help everyone be better heroes, it would make others feel more comfortable coming to him if they needed help. He knew that he would learn from them, too, and having good relationships with his classmates would be vital to his progress. With a light sigh of relief that his introduction was over, he observed the rest of the class as they made their own introductions, doing his best to remember their names and what they chose to share with the class.

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Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2021 2:38 am
by OrdinaryWorld
Quiet down...

It seemed that the guy was their... home room teacher? Hayate quickly snapped out of his question as the traditional Kyoto mindset wiped over him. He had just committed an act of disrespect towards a superior- and one far above his place as first year student. Instantly he fell to a dogeza bow, groveling on the ground for a moment besides his chair as everyone took their seats. Not wishing to prolong the moment he too would return to his seat so that the class could begin introductions with no further interruption on his behalf.

It seemed the boy he had met earlier, Homura, was the first to talk. Hayate felt that the boy was quite plainbread- but he knew that this kind of thinking could be bad. He had no idea what his quirk or some of the other students quirks were and was sure they all had immense power to be in class 1A, at UA nonetheless.

Finally it became his turn to introduce himself. Standing up before the class the youngman swept the hair from his face. He was one of the tallest in the room and had a decently athletic build, his charm only increased by a proportionate and sharp face. He pointed his thumb to his heart with an audible thud as he spoke.

He had a naturally commanding presence, and a larger-than-life powerful stance and posture.

"Nakajima Hayate of the famed Nakajima Textiles of Kyoto. My family's work has made hero costumes used by the top heroes, and for centuries prior to that clothes such as kimono and yukata. Unfortunately I have none of the textile skills of my father, however I do have a quirk from my mother that allows me to take on the properties of the clothing or "masks" that I wear.

My quirk lets me adapt to a variety of situations but is only as good as the head on these shoulders. I hope I can be the spear, the shield, or whatever class 1-A needs, and I vow that no matter how man failures or losses it takes I will become the no. 1 of this class."

Hayate lowered his hand as he looked over the class, his eyes burning with a fiery passion.

"I live to be better each day than I was the day before nothing more. I trust myself to you, please be kind." he said finishing his speech with the typical greeting used, before returning to his seat.

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Posted: Thu May 27, 2021 11:19 pm
by Kabu
As the other students entered the room and Souta soon followed and introduced himself as well as giving instructions, Ayumi found herself feeling glad that their teacher seemed to be somewhat of the strict type. It was a fact that made her own work as a self-proclaimed peacekeeper seem like it would be that much easier, though she had no doubt that she would still have plenty to do.

Anyways, she cleared her mind and began listening earnestly as her classmates spoke, introducing themselves and their quirks. Their class certainly was an interesting bunch, Homura and Hayate especially sticking out, though that was no surprise given their showing from earlier.

And soon it came to her turn, taking a deep breath as she stood up, some part of her feeling a bit nervous. She wasn't sure how her teacher and classmates would feel about what she had to say but it had to be said.

"I am Kiyato Ayumi. I love taking care of and watching over those around me but..." She paused to take another breath. "Frankly I have no desire to become a professional hero. Instead I wish to help folks in my own way, through honest work as a news reporter. And in this pursuit I am aided by the quirk that I inherited from my mother, a quirk known as Transmitter which allows me to mentally transfer my thoughts to those around me within a limited area." And with that she bowed.

"With that in mind I hope we can still all get along. It is sincerely my greatest hope that we can all become friends despite our differing goals and mindsets!" she practically shouted in her nervous state, with that falling back in her seat as she let out a sigh. Well.. it had been said, now to see what came of it.