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The Dreamer Matsuda, Koga
Bio Information
Age: 28
Height: 6'1
Weight: 200 lbs
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Koga is a tall, suave looking man, with short black hair that is usually slicked back, but is also kept shaggy from time to time, especially in the midst of a fight. His figure it slender, and his pale skin betrays his lack of daytime activity. He is almost always seen with only his right arm visible, as his left arm has been mutated by his quirk in the form of a black, rubbery tentacle. In addition to this, he also bears a third eye right above his nose, in the middle of his forehead. Despite the unique articulation of his tentacle arm, these mutations are mostly cosmetic and offer him little utility beyond what a normal human would be capable of. Underneath his clothing, his body is marred with scars of all shapes and sizes, reminders of scuffles he's been in and the occasional experiment gone wrong.
Clothing/Accessories: Koga typically wears nice dress clothes day to day, as he has an image to maintain in public. This consists of a long black coat overtop of a black vest, with a white dress shirt underneath. He also wears black dress pants or slacks and black dress shoes, making sure to keep all of his clothing wrinkle free and polished to perfection. Almost always, the man walks around with a black headband over his forehead, hiding his third eye from view, while his left arm is always kept hidden within his coat.

However, while operating under his villain persona, he wears completely different attire. To conceal his identity, he bears a black half face mask that alters his voice, masking who he is, along with a shear black cloth over his eyes that allows him to see relatively normally but without his eyes being too visible. The mask is cosmetically decorated with a dozen small rubbery tentacles that dangle down to his neck, while his clothing consists of a black and gold hooded ceremonial robe. Underneath this robe, Koga wears his typical high quality clothing options, mostly so that he can quickly disrobe his persona and go back to being a normal civilian if need be.
Personality: At his core, Koga is a man who simply wants to bring about change. He finds the government's ability to control who gets to use their quirks abhorrent, as no one should feel as though they aren't allowed to use the gifts bestowed upon them. It is to this end that he endeavors to bring about change to the way quirks are handled worldwide, though his methods of doing so are not legal at all. He believes that no matter the means, they are justified so long as the end result is met. To this end, he is willing to do anything, use anyone, and even kill those who oppose his efforts, as he will let nothing stop him from achieving his goal of a world where everyone is free to do as they wish with their powers.

Beyond the driving forces behind the man's actions, Koga is known to be very charismatic, Though he also has a penchant for the grandiose. He's very good at worming his way into the folds of someone's mind, even without using his quirk, and convincing them that his side is the right side to be on. While he is prone to explosive rage and violence at times, he is also known to be compassionate and caring to those who side with his plight. In some cases, he may even play the role of a vigilante, and save someone from a horrible fate... Though in the end, Koga's actions are always performed with the intent of his benefit. It's not unlikely that he would extort or threaten someone he once saved if it meant serving his interests. He has a particular obsession with scientific discovery, and is most notably interested in the quirkless population, as he would love nothing more than to spread the glory of quirks to the entire human population. Koga is a complex man, but at the end of the day, he is a danger to those who would oppose him and a savior to those who agree with him.
Combat Information Rank: B-Rank Villain

Sanity's Eclipse wrote:Type of Quirk: Emitter/Mutant
Sanity's Eclipse is responsible for Koga's bodily mutations, but moreover, it's also the source of his greatest power; the ability to invade the psyche of another living creature and deliver psychic attacks against them by manipulating their own memories and thoughts for various purposes. This can manifest as both positive and negative emotions at Koga's desires, and in extreme cases can even result in death, as Koga can use past memories against a target or even use the current memory of their encounter to make various illusions of the current setting in the target's mind. This power can manifest as subtle probing of a target's mind or intense rending of their sanity at Koga's will, and can affect anyone who directly perceives him with any of their senses. A high perception stat can detect Koga's mental probing despite his attempts to hide it, and a high endurance stat can enable one to withstand more mental damage than those with weaker bodies and minds. The effectiveness of this quirk, including the damage it can deal and the information it can gather, are based on Koga's Quirk Stat.
Awakening State - Command of the Great One
Once Koga's awakening is unlocked, it further strengthens his power over a target's mind by enabling him to deliver mental commands to a single target within a range of quirk = meters of Koga's position that can perceive him. While the target is not specifically bound to obey him, those with weak wills will find it difficult to resist Koga's influence. Typically, the more menial the command, the harder it is to resist, whereas more suspicious or dangerous commands are easier to resist, and commands with harmful or murderous intent are the easiest to resist. A command will linger within a target's mind until it is completed or resisted entirely often leading to weak willed individuals going days before giving in to the command. Some commands are downright impossible to force on a target, such as suicide or acts that the target can deduce will lead to significant self harm, such as refusing to fight back against Koga. Ultimately, the limitations of Koga's awakening are subject to severe scrutiny and staff deductions.
Stats (50/100)
  • Strength: 5
  • Speed: 5
  • Endurance: 10
  • Perception: 10
  • Quirk: 20

Support Equipment:
Super Moves
Obfuscate the Truth - Koga uses his quirk to erase all memory of himself from the minds of those who perceive him, allowing him to avoid detection in stealthy situations. This typically leaves an individual wondering what they were doing moments before the erasure took effect, but does not necessarily stop them from pursuing Koga. This also enables him to 'restart' interactions with people, essentially erasing conversations or interactions from a target's mind before re-engaging them, though this can be difficult to employ in largely populated areas.

Malefic Visions - Koga instills visions of a target's own demise into their mind in an attempt to instill fear and anxiety into them. He typically will make himself the source of the target's demise as well to ensure they are fearful of him specifically, though this may change depending on situational context.

Probe - Koga will subtly bore his way into a target's memories in search of information pertaining to a specific subject. Generally, the more defensive the target is of the information in question, the more difficult it is for Koga to gather it, and the longer it will take him to do so. This super move is subject to the target's perception in order to deduce what Koga is doing, and leaves them feeling strangely anxious for the duration of the probe even if they aren't entirely sure why.

Illusory Escape - Koga will alter the perception of any who can perceive him in the area, obscuring his position with a dozen illusory duplicates of himself. These duplicates take off in various directions while Koga runs in a specific direction himself, making it much harder to determine which is the real Koga and granting him a better chance of escape.

Reveal the Truth - Koga focuses his attention on a single target that can perceive him, filling their minds with horrific images of eldritch entities with unspeakable features and unbelievable proportions. These images are capable of directly damaging the target's mind, sending them into panic and anxiety attacks with the possible side effect of inducing heart failure in particularly susceptible individuals. Koga must maintain his attention on the target in question to continue this effect, and once his attention is broken the effects cease, though the fear and physical effects may remain for a time. This use of Koga's quirk is particularly draining to sustain for long periods of time.
From a young age, Koga was infatuated with quirks. How they worked, what they allowed people to do, the ways people changed and became unique just for being born with the right genetics. When his own quirk manifested and his body took on it's strange but mild mutations, he was delighted, albeit slightly disappointed that he wouldn't be able to pursue any kind of hero lifestyle. But such was life, and he was still happy to know he was part of the 80% that were gifted with some kind of unique trait. As he grew however, and learned more about the world around him, he was left with a question that would follow him the rest of his life; Why weren't people allowed to use their quirks? Why did the government feel it necessary to mandate who could and couldn't use their wondrous gifts? It puzzled him, and this confusion turned to anger over the years of his life. How dare the people in charge think they should decide who can and can't utilize the powers they were born with! It wasn't their body, so how could it be their choice?

These feelings pushed Koga forward in his life, as he pursued a career in genetic science with a specialization in quirks and the science behind them. He figured that, if he could learn how to remove quirks from people who consider them curses, perhaps he could also learn how to replicate them for those who wanted the gifts they granted to those who had them. In his early college years, during a particularly stressful study session in preparation for one of his final exams, Koga's roommate was pushing his buttons and annoying him to no end. And in that instant, Koga felt something in him snap, and as he verbally lashed out against his roommate he felt something swell inside him. A moment later, the man that was his roommate began screaming with terror as he spoke of unimaginable horrors, gripping his skull in pain as he tried to push them from his mind. A few moments later, the man leapt out of a window to his death below, and no one had any knowledge of what had happened... But Koga had an idea. Sure enough, as he began to think harder about that feeling he felt that night, he found that his quirk wasn't a simple mutation. Rather, it had a emitter quality, one that enabled him to manipulate the minds of other humans.

When he had registered his quirk with the government, as he was required to do by law, it had been listed as a benign cosmetic mutation with no other qualities. And as far as the government knew, that was all Koga would ever have for a quirk. But now that he knew there was far more to his powers, Koga felt inspired to bring about the change in this world that had bothered him all his life. He would don a disguise and make movements in the shadows in the hopes that one day, The Dreamer could bring about Koga's dream of a world where no one was banned from using their quirks. A world where the government had no say over his or anyone else's bodies, or the gifts that lay within them. Now, at the age of 28, Koga is a respected and well known name in the world of genetic science. He lives a well off life, with very little material wants or desire that he can't sate. And behind the public mask, The Dreamer works in secret to bring about great change in the world, to set the stage for the day when Koga is able to replicate quirks and grant them to anyone who desires them in a world where no one can decide that you aren't allowed to use your quirk.
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Imo you should need to see them for your quirk to activate and afrfect them. Otherwise everyone who passes by you just gets borked. I'd also add that when someone is in a commandable state under your Awakening that you aren't able to order them to be killed by you or etc.
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