The Glimmerous PiXie; Nicholas Aoyama!

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#1 The Glimmerous PiXie; Nicholas Aoyama!

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Bio Information Picture: N/A
Age: 15
Height: 4'0"
Weight: 80lbs
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
Nicholas is a rather short yet slender looking boy with many oddities to him; his skin fades from a light pink to a darker purple towards his extremities such as his hands and feet with their long, slender fingers and toes.
Though when it comes to his head, the colouring is quite harsh with his long, pointy ears and forehead down to his eyes being the darker purple whilst the rest of his face below the eyes is a lighter pink that comes down the neck until it matches the rest of his body.

Nick's face is rather immaculate, sharp and perky with luscious lips, thin and delicate eyebrows and eyes that are full of alluring colour and look like purple galaxies rather than typical eyes.
His hair is also similarly galaxy like, flowing out like a wild, mountainous, purply mane full of sparkles and twinkles.

Despite his short stature Nicholas' body is still overall slender with seemingly toned muscles visible, his abs in particular quite showy though one would suggest it's mostly down to how thin he is.
This slenderness even goes for his strange, long, black nails for both his fingers and toes which form quite the thin points and stand out as quite different compared to the rest of his body.

Then there are his pairs of wings which are long like a dragonfly's but the lower pair are shorter and appear kind of wavy at the ends almost like a leaf that got munched on. Either way they are all vibrant and pink with swirling purple lines running through them.
Nicholas obviously wears the usual U. A. High school uniforms, though his seems kind of raggedy like a hand-me-down despite being brand new and his tie in particular always looks a bit twisted whilst his shoes are dull looking and black.

His civilian clothes often seem charmingly ragged and his tops are always somewhat open backed with room for his wings to spread out.
Jackets always look like they droop forwards, hanging below his shoulders with sleeves being too long whilst pants are often skinny and appear too short or are simply 3/4 length even despite his height.

Both are also usually purposefully torn looking with rips and patches but in a way that seems to be fashionable and yet still raggedy.

Though if not a jacket he may wear long arm warmers that often also seem too long and come over his hands.

When it comes to t-shirts he usually wears deep-v tanks, some kind of crop-top or some mix of the two and often with some weird design on them.

He usually wears old fashioned raggedy looking boots and often wears few bits of jewellery but most important of all are all his random ribbons seemingly tied wherever they please; around his neck, his biceps, ankles, thighs, wherever they can go.

Nicholas' hero costume is completely the opposite and full of bling; golden colours glimmer as he dons a kind of naturey and leafy looking outfit which combines into a kind of royal from a forest look.
He has golden etched, long sleeves that open at the wrists with three leaves curving out and a few gaps here and there like at his biceps.
The rest of the top is quite regal and continues the golden etched leafy design with a high popped collar and a deep-v revealing his chest, whilst also cutting around his stomach akin to an "abs window" whilst reversely fully covering his back except his lower shoulders down to his shoulder blades where his wings come from before moving downwards into fancy looking leafy, tailcoat ends that trail off behind him.
Next are his pants which seem quite tight and skinny but keep the same regal, leafy look and split off into four leaves that curl out at the bottom so that they come at either side of his feet and heels.
Then he wears wide, flat high heel boots with a golden leafy design looking like leaves fold together to the tips.

Nick also dons a kind of tiara like crown fully gold in colour with a green emerald gem in the centre with hanging chains down his face and around his ears.
Plus there is a long flowing, ribbony scarf that flows out to the right and other various dazzling pieces of jewellery such as rings on his fingers, dangling earrings and a jewel encrusted belt that matches his tiara.
Finally he wears a grand pair of visor goggles, gold in colour, that forms a kind of elongated X like design and has a nose strip that locks into his tiara.
These are specifically designed as a support item that block out some UV rays and block the wind to make flying easier.
Nicholas is a bit cheeky and mischievous but wholeheartedly a kind person who simply loves to have fun and get along with everyone.
Not liking to see people get sad he always tries to liven up the mood and bring smiles to everyone's faces, especially if it involves a party where he can get down and dance.
Though he does love the idea of favours and will often do things if people are willing to offer him other things; quid pro quo is virtually one of his catchphrases even if he doesn't actually say it.

However such favours can often be silly, cheeky or full on mischievous and not always serious and as such can be as simple as swapping ribbons for smiles and fun times but can sometimes feel more like a prank depending on how he is feeling.

Regardless Nick never truly hangs favours over people's head and especially does not call saving someone's life a favour; if he rescues someone he simply sees them being happy and free as being their favour to him.

Nick has also started to become a bit more flirty and almost kind of promiscuous the more of a teen he has become, showing his cheeky side with others in flirtatious ways and trying to seduce whomever he comes across at least until called out as inappropriate.

Overall he just generally loves living up to his alluring qualities and being quite naughty and cheeky with it, leaning in on people's interest but shying away from the true commitment.
Combat Information Rank: D-Rank/Student

Pixie Euphoria wrote:Type of Quirk: Mutant/Emitter

Nicholas very much resembles a kind of fae from folklore with his overall powers mostly resembling that of pixies, though he is still more human sized just on the rather short side.
The quirk makes his skin a kind of purply colour that is darkest at the outer extremities such as his hands and feet but fades to a lighter pink further in, though his head is kind of extreme; his pointy ears are totally purple with it spreading across his forehead and to his eyes but then it cuts off and suddenly becomes a lighter below the eyes where it runs off to match the rest of his body from there.
Nick's eyes are also kind of odd looking, resembling a pair of glistening galaxies full of allure and adventure and so too does his hair appear akin to a purple, sparkling space nebula.
His fingers and toes are also oddly slender and his nails can easily grow quite long and slender, actually appearing quite black and unlike the rest of his body.
Finally Nicholas also has long, vibrant, almost clear, pink wings similar to a dragonfly but full of swirling patterns and with a kind of sparkle.

Along with this physical change comes with the power to spread a sparkling dust which fills people with a kind of elated confusion, a kind of grand euphoria that makes the world around them feel like a daydream.
In this daydream they become greatly allured to Nicholas and can quickly be made to dance and party, following the boy around in their euphoria as they simply don't want the party to stop and they may also feel quite talkative like they just want to get to know everyone or sing along with people.

Nicholas can't actually really control his powder and can only really spread it around by blowing it or most typically, flying around and scattering it.

Additionally he has one more, kind of random extra bit to his quirk; his touch tends to have a rejuvenating effect on plants and fungi, filling them with life and boosting their growth even from simply being stepped on.
Awakening State
Nicholas can now get a person so lost in their euphoria that he can full on drag them away and get them to do things but one particular thing is that he can ask them "Can I take your name?" and if they answer yes and give him their full name then their euphoria will end and they will essentially zombify and a crystalline heart will form in Nick's hands.

After awhile the zombification will end in confusion but Nicholas can crush the crystal heart he obtained at any time to transform into that person for 5 posts.
Stats (22/100)
  • Strength: 2
  • Speed: 7
  • Endurance: 5
  • Perception: 3
  • Quirk: 5

Support Equipment:
Nicholas' Hero goggles help protect against UV rays and wind when flying high in the air and at higher speeds.
Super Moves
*Insert any Supermoves your character might have or leave blank if desired*
Nicholas was born in the south of England to an English mother and a Japanese father and had a rather general rural life in a relatively peaceful town, to which his father had moved to after meeting his wife and deciding to get away from a busier Japan based life.

The town he was born in was a bit of a quiet refuge for people with quirks that wanted a quieter life and didn't want the pressure of becoming heros or any other such nonsense, seemingly building up from a village that resparked an interest in fae kind with the reveal of quirks.

Ancient folklore lost as silly stories resurfaced in a new way as people started getting these powers, with some wondering maybe, just maybe it was down to the fae but either way the village grew as people became fascinated by it and felt the urge to move to a more rural place.

Then, whether by some fate of the fairies or simply because so many people with quirks gathered quietly in one place, the village became a sort of fae town with people believing one way or another that it was resembling a place full of different fairies even if some quirks didn't truly match old folklore.

Though over time it seemed some families did tend to truly resemble some kind of fae, possibly through so many families mixing or whoever knows, with one such family being Nick's mother's.
Said family had various skin colours and wings with various powder abilities that affected people's mood in various ways.

When Nick's father moved and found the village he fell in love with his mother and he was welcomed into the family and they married. His quirk gave him strange, long nails and a pair of large, green thumbs that could fill plants with life and energy so that they could grow and could even revitalize the brownest, deadest looking plants.

It seemed the father always felt too lame and wished to get away from Japan where he was called a loser most of his life, as such the fae town was a perfect fit for him.

Once Nicholas was born it quickly became apparent that he was the most powerful in the family so far and was even the first whose wings were sufficient enough for proper, true flight and it seemed his dust had become more powerful than any other with a much stronger effect that truly took over people and made them just keep partying.

As a child Nicholas was difficult to control and he truly fit the description of a mischievous pixie, though the town was loathe to get him into any real trouble and he started to calm down with some schooling and mixing with others.

Growing up all the curiosity on how he looked an behaved got him delving into the old folktales on fae kind and got him truly modelling himself on such old myths in a way; gaining an interest in ribbons, jewellery and the clash between raggedy looks and doing favours to become more grand and glamourous.

However a growing gang in England found out about what they called a "stupid peace" between quirk users and rampaged through their quiet town, only to finally stop as a group of top notch heroes came to their rescue.
Unfortunately, given the town was not known for many mishappenings, there were some losses in the rampage including Nick's mother.

Given his wife's death Nick's father became lost with grief and felt like he no longer belonged in the ruined village and decided to move back to Japan with his son and face his old life.

Now 9 and living in Japan the boy became more surrounded in heroes and remembered what happened, cementing the idea that he had to be one just like the ones that came to their rescue so that no more sorrow surrounded them.

Though he grew up the rest of years in Japan, Nicholas still maintained his English side and many people always found his weird mixed bag of accents in both English and Japanese due to both heritages mixing together his whole life.

Also people often find it odd that he is called Nicholas but has a Japanese last name, to which he can simply only say it was his mother's idea to have an English name given they lived in England at the time and that she laughed so hard when his father tried to suggest the name Nicholas that she went with it.

Now Nicholas has many aspiring's of a hero and focused hard on becoming one through his teen years, aiming to get accepted into U.A. And doing just that as he has now entered his first year and hopes to push onwards.
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#2 Re: The Glimmerous PiXie; Nicholas Aoyama!

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Add that the euphoria induced strength is based on the quirk stat. Also your flying speed will be based on the quirk stat as well. I'd also say that for your awakening if they have more perception than your quirk stat they can refuse to give you their name, I'd add that as a check. Also does zombifying end in death? I assume not since it ends in confusion, but it might be better to clarify it just in-case. Other than that, it looks good.
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