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#1 Kurono, Phestus

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Uncle Reaper Kurono,Phestus
Bio Information Picture:https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... image0.jpg
Height: 5’10
Weight: 175
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Kurono is a tall man with short black hair and very angular pale yellow eyes with light sharpened pupils. His right arm is brown and charred as a result of overheating his body which he typically wraps in white bandages and unwraps when he's about to fight.
Clothing/Accessories: His attire consists of a plain grey collared shirt with a black tie and a white shinigami-esque skull tie pin, long black pants with a white skull belt, and black shoes.
Personality: Kurono is a very stern, confident and powerful individual. He is, however, totally fixated on the weakness of others and this obsession defines much of his personality. He believes an ideal world would destroy the strong and subjugate the weak. Scientists working with him in the Development Lab believe that Kurono's love of destruction and violence caused him to destroy his right arm. Despite the cost of his actions, Kurono still craves destruction. He enjoys provoking the weak into fights and tormenting them. He is cold and calculated tending to pick off anyone with potential so they won’t be an obstacle in the future so he has a fixation with hero academy’s across the nation.  
Combat Information Rank: B class villain

QUIRK NAME HERE wrote:Type of Quirk: Right Hand Eclipse Emitter/transformation
* Using his Ignition ability Black Eclipse Kurono can emit Black smoke which can reach temperatures of 130°C or 266°F. He can detect any movement within the plum of smoke and easily hide within it. Using the smoke he can force it into people's bodies resulting in them burning internally and dying. He can solidify the smoke to manifest weapons such as kunai, knives, a spear, a sword, and a scythe from the smoke at an extremely fast pace and use them masterfully to cut down his opponents. By using both hands, he's able to coat his weapons in flames. He can also produce smoke with enough force that he can propel himself through the air and control it's density to where he can ride on it.*
Awakening State
*Insert Awakening Information if Applicable*
Stats (50/100)
  • Strength:8
  • Speed:8
  • Endurance:9
  • Perception:10
  • Quirk:15

Support Equipment: none
Super Moves
Black smoke:
Range: medium
Classification: offensive/ support
Description: By utilising his over excessively Tephrosis-infected arm, Kurono can emit black smoke in a variety of ways offensively; ranging from using it to hide himself to attack his opponents without being seen, and solidifying the smoke into objects such as knives and kunai. The smoke that he emits is also connected to his senses, allowing him to track movements that happen within the smoke.

Range: short
Classification: offensive
Description: Using Black Smoke, Kurono has it enter a target to incinerate them from the inside. This can also be used as a bargaining chip or method of tracking. As Kurono is able to feel/see the space his black smoke inhibits, if left dormant and he chooses not to heat it it can be used to track the location of someone marked by the smoke itself or someone that has inhaled it.

Hidden Eclipse:
Range: short
Classification: offensive/ defensive
Description: Kurono creates a shroud of Black Smoke around him, while possessing two weapons in each hand. He then swiftly moves the black shroud toward his opponent, whilst keeping himself hidden within it, and slashes his opponent unexpectedly with his weapon.*
* Phestus Kurono has had a kink for bringing the weak under his boot since he was a child. So much so that when his powers developed he quickly began over using his quirk to harm everything from fellow children with weaker quirks to animals and insects that just happened to be at the wrong place at the right time. Through the years as society developed into a hierarchy based on the top hero this and top hero that Phestus found himself more and more disgusted. “Why can’t we all just agree to be weak. People are more agreeable when they are puny and breakable.” And he obsessed over this. So much so that out of school he got a job at a research and development plant specifically tailored to the theory behind quirks inception. He spent his time researching and pushing his abilities so far that he developed Tephorosis in his right arm. Even after destroying all human qualities of his arm he still pushed himself. Now with the scientists to intervene if necessary. Phestus has made it his goal to balance the world back to the way it should be. With all the weak squirming before him and all the strong burned to cinders. *
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#2 Re: Kurono, Phestus

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So your quirk seems to be doing quite a lot, and doesn't seem to scale on anything. I think what you should do is change your quirk to be purely smoke emission and manipulation of that smoke. So you still get your whole black smoke thing, and I'd drop that it is extremely hot otherwise you're just gonna cook anyone within it. I think that's a bit too much being able to have smoke manipulation, emission, and change its temperature. I'd also say you can't force it into people's bodies as theres no real counter to that. Being able to manipulate and emit the smoke should be based off the quirk stat, you can emit and control smoke within [Quirk Stat] meters in range. The strength of your creations of the smoke are equal to [Quirk Stat] strength, and you can use smoke to propel your self/ride smoke with [Quirk Stat] speed.
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