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"COG" Yamaguchi, Tendou
Bio Information Picture: Image
Age: 16
Height: 5’10
Weight: 168lbs
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Tendou is a tall and muscular young man and therefore carries a rather physically imposing aura. He has medium length black hair and amber eyes. His facial features are handsome though perhaps a bit harsh as he often appears serious and standoffish.
Clothing/Accessories: Naturally he is often seen wearing the UA uniform consisting of a grey blazer with green accents, green full length pants and a white shirt with a red tie. Off-campus however he is more inclined to wear something more comfortable like a loose fitting hoodie and flexible pants.

Tendou’s hero outfit consists of a flexible synthetic black pants and long sleeve shirt that is both fire resistant and shock proof. Overtop of this he wears a steel chest piece, shoulder guards, forearm guards and shin guards colored in a deep red and matte steel grey. On particularly serious missions he will wear a helmet as well though often he will go without it for simple training exercises and patrols. His gloves are made of the same black material as his other clothes though it has enhanced grip pads on its fingers allowing him to grip rigid surfaces more easily; the knuckles are also padded and adorned with steel studs for added impact from his strikes.
Personality: Tendou is a confident person who strives for excellence in pursuit of his own ambitions. He trains hard and takes an interest in studying and maintaining good grades so that he can graduate near the top of his class and create good opportunities for himself. He isn’t particularly interested in making friends though if someone seems like they could be useful to him in the future or has abilities that might compliment his then he will put an honest effort into developing teamwork and building trust.

Ultimately, while he does enjoy helping others and genuinely strives to be a pro hero his driving motivations stem closer to a desire to master his quirk and use it freely in order to reach his own potential and live a life of recognition and success. Typically Tendou is reluctant to speak his mind and instead keeps a fairly neutral approach to conversations, knowing what is expected of him and preferring to avoid conflict with his classmates.
Combat Information Rank: C-Rank

Balance wrote:Type of Quirk: Emitter
Initially thought to be simply a remarkable sense of balance, Tendou can instantly understand where the center of gravity is within any matter he touches and then manipulate it. This allows him to balance his own body at any point on anything and likewise perfectly balance/alter the orientation of any physical mass he is touching, though he can’t actually change the overall weight of what he touches only shift its allocation. His quirk allows him to control the center of gravity of matter for up to [Quirk Stat]/2 seconds after touching it as well as affect a mass up to the size of [Quirk Stat]x5 meters in diameter. Overusing this quirk results in dizziness and blurred vision.
Awakening State
*Insert Awakening Information if Applicable*
Stats (35/100)
  • Strength: 8
  • Speed: 5
  • Endurance: 5
  • Perception: 7
  • Quirk: 10

Support Equipment:
As far as weaponry Tendou caries with him 2 combat knives, one on each thigh as well as a pouch full of 10, 2- inch diameter steel ball bearings.
Super Moves
*Insert any Supermoves your character might have or leave blank if desired*
Tendou grew up in the North-Eastern city of Sendai, Japan. His father was a business owner that oversaw a variety of martial arts studios as well as a restaurant or two. His mother on the other hand worked at a local museum. As with most of the population both of his parents possessed quirks, his mother having a keen eye for noticing the weight distribution of objects and his father possessing a remarkable control of his body that made him a natural athlete. Even as a businessman he continued to train and make donations to local sports teams and prominent high schools and colleges.

From a young age Tendou was enrolled in various martials arts and sports and instilled with a strong sense of discipline and respect. He rarely had any true free time and never really had time to form proper friendships beyond gaining mutual respect for many of his teammates and training partners. For some time it was uncertain if his quirk had manifested or if he was simply becoming more skilled in his training though eventually it was determined that he seemed to take after his parents, possessing a superhuman sense of balance and coordination.

By the time he was 10 the boy was competing in a half dozen different sports and martial arts every year, winning multiple tournaments. His quirk was one that was difficult to regulate and monitor though he was always under strict scrutiny not to abuse it and cheat though on multiple occasions he had been investigated though his father's funds and lawyers typically made such allegations disappear quickly. For some stress relief he got into the habit of gambling on the side whenever possible, whatever street hustles and bets he could get away with, earning money and learning to harness his quirk discretely when he was not under such heavy scrutinization.

After a few years his father caught onto his side hustles and promptly put a stop to them, not wanting any reason to develop a bad reputation or have his successes tarnished. Tendou was always privy to the best schools and sports teams, dabbling in baseball, volleyball, basketball, badminton, Judo, Jujutsu, Kendo, archery, and gymnastics. His academic grades were enough to keep him enrolled in the local schools with the best sports programs though it was evident that sports scholarships were his focus, leading into middle school years revolving around attracting the most prestigious scouts and planning which sports he should focus on when it came time for high school and college.

By his last year of middle school, he had attracted the attention of national-level teams and schools with the best sports programs across Japan. Though with such heavy attention and publicity came its own share of issues. Schools whose offers were turned down soon began stirring up issues, pressing to have him banned from various sports for breaching regulations and laws with his quirk use. Registration for high school became a mess with lawsuits and uncertainty and eventually, the only option that really stood out was to attend a hero school, to gain a license and consider re-entering the sports world with stronger legal backing. As such there was only one school that would be acceptable: UA. The prestigious hero academy was overjoyed to receive his application, as his father was also one of their donors, though with less influence than he had at actual sports-focused schools. In a way it felt a refreshing change of pace to be encouraged to utilize his powers and finally realize the true extent of his potential.

Tendou passed the entrance exam fairly easily, within the top 10% of applicants, and continued to perform well in his first year of the school. Still, compared to some others who had aspired to become heroes their whole lives he felt he had a lot of room to grow, both in his conviction and the way he viewed his potential and impact in the world. After completing his first year at UA the teenager’s eyes have only begun to be awakened to what it means to be a hero and what his future may have in store for him. Now, entering his second year at the prestigious school, Tendou hopes to make a greater name for himself and rise to the top ranks in the school and then eventually become a top 10 hero.
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I'd say make the post count of how long you can control the center mass to be [Quirk Stat]/8 (Rounded Up), and make the size be [Quirk Stat]x3 in area, so that'd be like 90x90x90 so enough for a medium sized building at full strength. I'd also say put a limit on how many objects he can control the center mass on at once be around [Quirk Stat]/3.
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