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#1 Ravencroft, H (Hank) Rambo

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No vigilante name as of yet Ravencroft, H (Hank) Rambo Image
Bio Information Age: 30
Height:5'11 (180 cm)
Weight:187 lbs (85 kg)
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Rambo is a tall and muscular man from his years of military training. He has raven-black hair with sharp blue eyes. His eyes hide a fit of certain anger, trauma, and sadness between which can make him hard to approach and look mildly intimidating.
Clothing/Accessories: Rambo usually wears a trench coat and a casual shirt with somewhat formal or casual pants and always some combat boots likey from habit as a former soldier since childhood.
Personality: Rambo is a troubled man, the years of trauma and PTSD have worn him down to become cynical, vengeful, depressed, and distant. He has a host of problems like a smoking habit and drinking problems making him very unstable to be around. Nightmares and flashbacks are common at night and his soldier training and experience have made him a light sleeper that always keeps alert. He can have sudden angry and sometimes violent outbursts depending on the circumstance due to having his entire life revolve around violence. Curiously he expresses deep concern for animals seeing them as kind, docile and is not subject to "human nature" often feeling pity and tries to help if one were to get into trouble. Regardless of his violent nature and nurture has plagued his and everyone else's lives it's only a matter of time before it all comes back again.
Combat Information Rank: B-rank Special forces war veteran

Art of War
Art of War wrote:His life forever defined by violence since he was a child. A quirk that manifested a few times and in shorts burst which he was unaware of making him believe he was quirkless. Rambo has the ability to manifest ammunition from his palms so long he has performed some sort of violent action prior such as injuring, maiming, and most effective of all killing. The rate and amount he can create ammunition is dependent on his quirk stat, injuries he has inflicted on a given enemy, and ammunition for each weapon type. So more pistol ammunition can be created than High-powered rifle ammunition.
Ammo creation table
1-5 Quirk and Minor Injuries inflicted 3 Pistol Ammo, 1 Rifle Ammo, 1 Post Cooldown
6-10 Quirk and 2 Minor Injuries, 1 Major Injuries inflicted 5 Pistol Ammo, 3 Rifle Ammo, 1 HP Rifle Ammo, 2 Post Cooldown
11-15 Quirk and 3 Minor Injuries inflicted, 2 Major Injuries inflicted, 1 Kill1 Full Pistol Magazine, 7 Rifle Ammo, 5 HP Rifle Ammo 3 Post Cooldown
16-20 Quirk 4 Minor Injuries inflicted, 3 Major Injuries inflicted, 2 Kills 2 Full Pistol Magazine, 1 Full Rifle Magazine 7 HP Rifle Ammo. 4 Post Cooldown
21-25 Quirk 5 Minor Injuries inflicted, 4 Major Injuries inflicted, 3 Kills3 Full Pistol Magazine, 2 Full Rifle Magazine 1 HP Full Rifle Magazine. 5 Post Cooldown
26-30 6 Minor Injuries inflicted, 5 Major Injuries inflicted, 4 Kills 4 Full Pistol Magazine, 3 Full Rifle Magazine 2 HP Full Rifle Magazine. 6 Post Cooldown

Stats (0/60)
  • Strength:12
  • Speed:10
  • Endurance:12
  • Perception:15
  • Quirk:1

Support Equipment:
Custom Automag "Platinum Panther"
ImagePlatinum Panther is a custom automag designed by Rambo himself. Instead of the regular 44 caliber bullets, the Platinum Panther can fire 50 caliber bullets however it is slightly larger as consequence in order to not sacrifice ammunition capacity. It's also fitted with machined chrome-moly steel making it more functional and durable instead of the regular cast stainless steel.

7 Round Capacity 6 extra magazines
Barrel length: 7 inches
Overall length: 12.5 inches
Weight: 5lbs (2.26 kg)
Combat/survival knife "Ripper"
ImageA personal combat and survival knife that has been with him since his soldiering days. The knife has an overall length of 13.5 ( 34.5 cm) / 13.5 in and weighs 17 oz ( 490g) the knife has a blade length of 8" in (20.5 cm) the handle is 3.75" (9.5 cm) with a blade thickness of 1/4 (6 mm)
Super Moves
none as if yet!
Rambo was born in 2135 in the U.S State of Nevada and already he was fated to experience violence. His mother died during childbirth and His father had gambling, partying, and sex addiction he was often abusive and neglectful making Rambo a troubled child which turned him into a bully whenever he was at school. At some point, his father went into debt due to taking loans from the mafia to further fuel his indulgences. Debts that couldn't be paid so they did what they always did and his father was killed at age 11. With none left to support him, Rambo had to fend for himself somewhere in the streets of Nevada a man by the name of Jack Sears would take him in becoming his father figure in the coming years where he would look for guidance. However little did young Rambo know that Jack was the owner and subsequent general and leader of a Private Military Company. At first, Rambo was taken well care of and after 2 years with Jack whom Rambo saw as a father figure, he would begin training to become a soldier for 2 years until the age of 15 where he would be deployed under the private military in a remote country this would continue for 5 years straight where he would fight as a Teenage child soldier witnessing gruesome deaths and fighting for his life to complete whatever mission he was assigned to complete. At 18 he provided assistance and received some training from two special forces groups such as the Spetznaz and SAS and Green Beret until Jack Sears was killed during an assassination due to infighting in the PMC Grupp. Which set him free. However, this in turn also made Rambo lost confused depressed over his father figures death he turned to the only thing he knew he joined the army hearing his credentials which didn't mention his time as a child soldier only his time as an 18-20. He would join the Navy Seals and passed with ease since he was already experience and his training with Jack was similar to that of the Seals and prior training. He would be assigned as a special forces operative forming his own specialized unit known as the Panther Unit even receiving special missions from the CIA. When he turned 25 Rambo had decided that he had enough of fighting and resigned from his unit and quit the military where he received multiple medals and awards for his service and most notably the medal of honor. Rambo moved to Tokyo Japan where he had earned enough from his days as a SEALS and PMC. His time spent serving had cut him deep so now he spends his days mostly alone either drinking and smoking trying to relax and find peace from the nightmares that haunt him.
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Need to define what major or minor injuries are exactly. I think it might be easier for instead of violent acts allowing you to create ammo, just make it so you can create x amount of bullets per post or large sum of bullets and then a cool down that lessens the higher your quirk stat is.
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