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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When can I start roleplaying?
    As soon as you have a character idea in mind, you can begin roleplaying. However you can not grow your character, add points, rank up, and you can't participate in IC events without them being archived.
  • How many characters can I have?
    You may only have three characters active at a time. This can be a mix match of any types, whether it be three villains; three heroes; one vigilante, one hero, and one villain. If you wish to create a new character after you've created your three, you must deactivate one of the three before doing so.
  • What's the upper limit on a quirk?
    That's a difficult question as we like to maintain flexibility with people's quirk and keep it diverse. I think its easier to make a list of what not to do with your quirk. The main thing we ask is specificity of your quirk, don't make it a conglomerate of different abilities and powers, rather keep it specific such as only being able to manipulate existing water, or being able to emit water from your palms. A certain degree of specificity prevents quirks from being overpowered as well as maintains the wide range we like to promote.
  • Why can't I start out as A-rank or S-rank?
    We like to think of those ranks as high tier, Endeavor or All-Might level ranks. We also want to promote character growth, and push characters to grow to their strongest point through creative writing with other members. If anyone can start out as All-Might, then what's so special about the rank?
  • Do I need to read My Hero Academia before roleplaying here?
    Not at all. All you need is an open mind, the creative spirit, and the willingness to learn. We are based on My Hero Academia, but the jest of the lore as well as the universe are explanatory in the rules. Any other questions can be directed here on the forum, or in our Discord.
  • Do I have to have a Japanese Character?
    Not at all. Characters can come from all over the world, but we keep our setting limited to Japan as its easier to keep track of, manage, and is the most referenced place in the Manga so it just made sense to place our setting in Japan as well.
  • What kind of system is in place here?
    If I had to answer that question, I believe it would be best to say we're a stat referencing system. While we don't have things like stamina pools, mana pools, or etc to balance techniques we have a set of stats that can be referenced during combat and should be utilized to make guestimations on what is capable by a character. Characters in a PvE or agree'd upon PvP environment can agree to stretch these things as long as all parties agree, however keep them within limits as to not break the universe.
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